Viral Frog Mascot From China Spotted Around S’pore, Salutes Passers-By & Carries Inflatable Frogs

Adorable Frog Mascot From China Now In Singapore Saluting Passers-By

If you’ve been keeping in tune with global trends, you may be familiar with the viral ‘saluting frog’ mascot that recently went viral in China.

The frog mascots are famous for carrying an army of mini inflatable frogs and giving passers-by dramatic salutes.

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Well, here’s some good news for those wanting to meet the frog mascot — it has made its way to our shores.

If you’re lucky, you may spot one of such frog mascots frolicking around in your neighbourhood.

China’s viral frog mascot salutes passers-by in Paya Lebar

On Monday, multiple TikTok users shared their sightings of the frog mascot in Bugis and Paya Lebar.

@clarrot WE SAW THE FROG MASCOT IN SG #frogsalute #frogmascot ♬ original sound – clarrot

In each video, the mascot engages with passers-by differently.

One, for example, started a mini dance battle with some who approached them.

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One thing that seems to remain consistent in the mascot’s antics is the iconic salute.

This gesture is unique to them, as it involves them stomping their foot first before doing the salute.

@3rachastan AHHHH THE FROG MASCOT IS IN SINGAPORE !!! and the person is super kind 🥺 #fyp #sgfyp #frogmascot #frog #douyin ♬ original sound – chan’s laptop saw skz 🐺

These adorable interactions pleasantly surprised unsuspecting passers-by, who were each left smiling after their exchanges.

One mascot even saluted an Air Force regular who was about to book in, and a security guard on patrol, both of whom returned the salute with the same energy.

@cherlockss made my evening haha we bumped into mr froggie after dins before sending my bro to camp #sgtiktok ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

It is unknown whether the videos taken were of the same frog mascot.

Frog mascot’s adorable interactions melt hearts

The videos soon made rounds on TikTok, leaving netizens gushing over the wholesome exchanges between sporting passers-by and frog mascot.

Many were eager to spot and interact with the frog mascots themselves.

Source: TikTok

Referencing the enthusiastic Mixue mascot that recently went viral for its energetic antics, one even requested a battle between them.

Source: TikTok

We imagine the battle would be 100% entertaining, given they’re both so active.

Pointing out the recent hot weather conditions, one commentor also applauded those behind the mascots for their dedication in keeping the costumes on.

Source: TikTok

Indeed, kudos to them for the sweat and effort behind making strangers’ days.

That said, now that you know how to react when you see a frog mascot, be sure to give your best salute if you ever spot it on the streets.

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Featured image adapted from @3rachastan on TikTok, @cherlockss on TikTok, and @alexzellsim on TikTok.

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