Mixue Mascot Dances Chaotically In Paya Lebar, Viral Meltdowns Are Too Relatable

Mixue Mascot’s Chaotic Antics In Paya Lebar Go Viral

The mascot for Chinese dessert brand Mixue has recently been spotted going wild in the open space between Paya Lebar MRT and Paya Lebar Square.

His chaotic meltdowns have caught the hearts and attention of TikTok users, who seem to be enjoying the entertainment he provides.

The area is also where buskers perform, and the Snow King has livened up these performances with his antics.

Mixue mascot befriends busker & wreaks adorable havoc

Gerard Peters, who goes by @escapeartistg on TikTok, shared several of Mixue’s interactions with his audience on his TikTok page.

In one hilarious video, the mascot can be seen dancing to Mr Peters’ performance.

A man in blue then runs up to the mascot and appears to hit him for no apparent reason.


i love busking at paya lebar cause i get to see my bestie snowking #mixue #fyp #sg #sgmusic #tiktoksg

♬ original sound – Escape Artist | SG Streamer – Escape Artist | SG Streamer

This provokes the Snow King to launch into a frantic chase when the man runs away.

Unfortunately, the mascot trips over his stumpy legs and falls straight into the crowd.

Source: @escapeartistg on TikTok

In a separate clip, the Snow King is focusing all his attention on @escapeartistg while the busker sings and plays the keyboard.


mixue snow king is my homie now @mixuesingapore #fyp #singapore #sgmusic #sg #tiktoksg

♬ original sound – Escape Artist | SG Streamer – Escape Artist | SG Streamer

Initially, the mascot merely sways to the music. But, as the performance continues, the mascot starts to shake erratically.

Source: @escapeartistg on TikTok

This results in a jarring scene with the calm music juxtaposing with the intense movements of the mascot.

TikTok users express approval for mascot & brand marketing

TikTok users who came across these videos seem to adore the chaotic energy the mascot embodies.

In fact, some wish to be like him, and they want whatever the mascot is having.

Source: @escapeartistg on TikTok

It also seems like the person inside the mascot has done their job well. Another user remarked that this is the perfect example of viral marketing.

Source: @escapeartistg on TikTok

All in all, most agreed that the mascot is essentially serving, just like this user said.

Source: @escapeartistg on TikTok

With all the organic public relations the mascot is getting for the brand, we sure hope the person inside the costume gets a raise.

Well played, Mixue. Well played.

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Featured image adapted from @escapeartistg on TikTok

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