Driver Gets In Accident At Clementi After Apparent Stroke, GrabFood Rider Helps Direct Traffic

Driver Suffers From Stroke Causing Accident, Passers-By Rush To Help

Traffic accidents can happen at any time, to anyone. In some cases, they might even be due to a driver losing consciousness.

On Sunday (28 Mar), a GrabFood rider shared on TikTok about an accident he witnessed while on the road near Clementi Ave 6.


After the accident, a few passers-by, including the rider, went to check on the driver and realised that he had suffered a stroke while behind the wheel.

As he was waiting for the ambulance, the GrabFood rider helped direct traffic at the busy junction.

Multiple cars honked at car before collision

While waiting at a traffic light junction near Clementi Ave 6, the GrabFood rider saw a car that kept going even as cars were making their right turn onto the road.

In the video, multiple cars could be heard honking at the car.

However, the car continued to move forward until it hit one of the turning cars.


Thankfully, the turning car had come to a stop after seeing the approaching car, or the impact of the collision could have been much worse.

Driver suffered stroke that caused accident

Immediately after the accident, the rider and a few other passers-by checked on the car driver.

When they opened the driver’s door, he appeared to be unconscious and had suffered a stroke.

driver stroke accidentSource

The passers-by could be heard asking in Chinese to turn off the car engine and make sure it was off.

driver stroke accidentSource

Following that, some tended to the driver while others immediately called for an ambulance.

Rider helps direct traffic while awaiting ambulance

While waiting for the ambulance, the rider was unsure of what to do to help.

He eventually ended up helping to direct traffic at the junction away from the accident scene, allowing traffic to flow smoothly.

driver stroke accidentSource

Within minutes, the ambulance arrived and tended to the driver.

driver stroke accidentSource

Even after the ambulance drove away, the rider is seen continuing to direct the traffic flow as drivers involved in the accident appeared to be in a discussion.

The rider then ends the video saying that these things could happen to anyone, anywhere.

He then encourages his viewers to always “help others in need”.

Kudos to the helpful rider and passers-by

Kudos to the kind-hearted rider and the other passers-by for helping out the driver.

In such emergencies where every second counts, their timely arrival to lend assistance could be crucial in saving his life.

Our prayers are with the driver and MS News wishes him a speedy recovery.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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