Singapore Drug Trafficking Weights That Get You The Death Penalty

Death Penalty For Drug Trafficking Of 1 Tbsp Of Heroin In Singapore

Singapore is notoriously strict about drug trafficking. But how much of these controlled substances would warrant the death penalty?

We’ve put the minute amounts of dangerous substances that could get you in serious trouble in context — by comparing these weights to household items in this nifty infographic below.

1/2 a carrot worth of cocaine = death penalty

Here’s how the controlled weights of illegal substances stack up against how heavy regular fruits and vegetables are.

  1. MDMA (10g) – 2 Chilli Padis
  2. Heroin (15g) – 1 Tablespoon of Rice
  3. Morphine (30g) – 1 Button Mushroom
  4. Cocaine (30g) – 1/2 Carrot
  5. Hashish (200g) – 2 Bananas
  6. Meth (250g) – 2 Potatoes
  7. Cannabis (500g) – 1 Iceberg Lettuce
  8. Opium (1,200g) 10 Tomatoes

Just a spoonful

Best to think twice before getting involved in transporting any of these illegal substances to or from Singapore.

Just a spoonful of these drugs could impact your life as you know it.

Featured image from MustShareNews.

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