Elderly M’sian Lady Grab Driver Is Family’s Sole Breadwinner

Grab drivers come from all sorts of backgrounds, regardless of race, age or gender.

They often have interesting stories to tell, but none as moving as perhaps this elderly lady Grab driver in Malaysia.


Driving to support her mentally disabled son and husband who has cancer, she works hard as the family’s sole breadwinner.

Elderly lady drives Grab to support family

While most elderly Singaporeans turn to menial tasks like cleaning for work, this Malaysian lady took the unconventional route.

Equipped with a driver’s license and a car, she decided to sign up to be a Grab driver.

The exhaustion from driving long hours and risk of getting into an accident don’t deter her, as she has greater concerns in mind.

Her husband, who’s ill with intestinal cancer and glaucoma, and her son who has mental disabilities, need her.

Remains calm despite challenges

In spite of the obstacles that life has thrown her way, the elderly lady has the tenacity to keep going.

The passenger who shared her story on Facebook even described how the lady who’s in her 60’s conversed with much composure and gentleness.


The post by popular Malaysian TV presenter Fedtri Yahya has garnered over 6,300 shares at the time of writing.

Help someone in need when you can

A screenshot of the cost of the ride showed it amounted to a mere RM7 or S$2.30, which doesn’t even surpass the basic hourly pay for most jobs.


Perhaps aware of how many of such rides she’d need to earn enough to get by, Mr Fedtri decided to appeal to the Internet’s goodwill.

He urges anyone who may find themselves in the elderly lady’s Grab car to extend help in whatever way they sincerely could.

Although the lady herself never asked for anyone’s sympathy, a small act of kindness can really go a long way. You’ll never know, maybe that extra ringgit or so could make her day.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Wikipedia.