S’pore Mum Gives Birth In Grab Car En Route To Thomson Medical Centre

Any expectant mother would want a smooth and drama-free birth. But a Singaporean by the name of Ms Wani had far from that when she went into labour on Wednesday (7 Aug).

She and her husband’s preparation didn’t go as planned. They ended up booking a Grab and welcoming their newborn in it even before they reached the hospital.


Ms Wani shared her ordeal in a long Facebook post, which you can read in full here.

Expected due date was National Day

With Singapore’s birthday coming up, Ms Wani and her husband Mr Kamal were looking forward to a National Day baby.

But after a checkup just two days before on 7 August, Ms Wani experienced contractions that gradually increased in intensity.

On the doctor’s advice, the couple headed home to get their documents and belonging, so they could return to the hospital for admission at 2pm.

Having found their essentials after some time searching, Mr Kamal was ready to drive Ms Wani to the hospital, but she voted against it.

They stayed home till past 5pm before the labour pains became too much to bear, and an agonised Ms Wani told her husband to book a Grab.

Dramatic birth in the Grab car

Once in the car, Ms Wani tried her best to remain calm and resist the pain, but it was at that moment too that her body went into active labour.

For those who don’t know, active labour is when “things really get going“, the pain gets more excruciating as mums are on the verge of giving birth.

Unable to hold it in any longer, Ms Wani started moaning in pain while trying to ‘keep the baby in’ till they reached Thomson Medical Centre (TMC).

Her husband helped muffle the noise by covering her mouth, but Ms Wani eventually succumbed to the contractions and started pushing.

According to Ms Wani, she did so till her water bag broke, and the baby’s head started showing. She alerted her husband who took a look, and to her surprise, gently pushed the baby back into her.

But Ms Wani felt uncomfortable and decided to push again, and finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

A bloody “mess” in the backseat

Right at that very second, her husband swooped in and received their baby in his arms, before the newborn could land in the leg space between the front and back seats.

He patted the baby’s bottom and the little girl began crying, a comforting indication of life.

As if his fatherly instinct wasn’t shining through enough, Mr Kamal then asked the driver to wind down his window so he could help direct the heavy traffic on the CTE.


He stuck his bloodied hand out the window and cleared a path for the driver, who took the family to TMC safely.

Husband & Grab driver were heroes

Mr Kamal’s composure throughout the ordeal earned his wife’s utmost admiration, as she dedicated a deeply grateful message thanking him for his patience.

Dear husband, thank you for always being there; through my false labour, early labour and transition period. Thank you for being so tolerant towards me. Over the decade, we have created so many wonderful memories. I am glad that we created another one on 7-8-19. We will share this memory with everyone that matters, and continue to make more beautiful memories throughout our lives.đź’—

Amidst the immense joy however, the couple was aware of the inconvenience they had caused the Grab driver, Mr Chia. The mess left behind would have surely disrupted his work for the day.

Although he insisted that they went ahead with settling hospital matters, the couple felt bad and requested for his number so they can compensate him later on.


The couple allegedly gave Mr Chia a generous tip, a 5-star rating and a heartfelt apology for the dramatic incident.


Congratulations to the couple on their newborn daughter

All drama aside, we’re equally happy that Ms Wani gave birth to a healthy baby, and all has turned out well for the family.

Mr Chia and Mr Kamal were truly heroes for keeping calm throughout the incident, and delivery both mother and baby to the hospital safely.

This will surely be a story worth retelling to their family for generations to come. Congratulations to Mr Kamal and Ms Wani on the birth of their newborn daughter.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.