Esmond Service Centre Repairs Laptops & Phones, Zhng Your Gadgets In Time For 2021

Esmond Service Centre Helps Fix Your iPhones, MacBooks & Other Essential Devices

While some of our friends are deciding whether to buy the iPhone 12, the thriftier ones among us may want to hang on to our current trusty models as they’re still in good condition.

Being thrifty doesn’t have to mean losing out, as a simple fix at Esmond Service Centre can make our gadgets good as new.


From repairing exasperating screen cracks to software upgrades, you’ll find everything you need to ring in the new year with a ‘new’ device.

Fix cracked phone screens for undisrupted Netflix & chill

Watching Netflix shows or your crush’s Instagram stories isn’t half as fun when you have to stare at a cracked phone screen.

Making the screen as smooth as your crush’s complexion is an easy fix at Esmond Service Centre.


From $58 for an iPhone screen replacement, your phone can go from dropped dead gorgeous to good as new.

Now you can watch all the Netflix marathons you want, or double tap multiple cute Instagram photos of your crush without distractions.

Upgrade your laptops for a smoother WFH experience

When you’re not kicking it back on social media, you’ve probably been busy typing away on your laptop in your WFH nook.


Months of furious tapping on the keyboard may have resulted in some wear and tear, which is why your laptop could use a mini makeover.

Say goodbye to wonky display screens that give you headaches, as Esmond Service Centre will magically fix that for you from $138.


They accept all brands and models, from MacBooks to HP and Dell, so you can send whatever laptops that your workplace uses.

Avid gamers can also enquire about software enhancements such as upgrading the RAM or harddisk capacity.

Prices may vary for these services, so we’d suggest contacting them directly for a quote.

Once your laptop is up and running a lot smoother than before, you’ll be able to finish projects and send those client emails at lightning speed.

In-store & online customer service available

No matter what hardware or software issues you may be facing, Esmond Service Centre is a one-stop shop for the solutions you need.

They’ll repair virtually any device, including the following most commonly used ones:

  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • iMac
  • All Windows laptops
  • Gaming laptops
  • All Microsoft Surface Pro models
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android smartphones

The list is non-exhaustive, so don’t be shy to ask about a gadget of yours that needs fixing.

If the recent 11.11 sales made you do a double take at your bank balance, you may want to consider getting a quote first before heading down to the shop.

Simply visit their site here, and they’ll get back to you soonest with an estimate for the specific type of repairs you require.

You can then drop by the store for further consultations and have your devices fixed. Here’s how to get there.

Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #02-39 Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm. Closed on Sundays.
Nearest MRT station: Labrador Park

If you have any other queries, the service centre is also contactable via the following modes:

Hotline: 6612 1503
Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 8828 8180
Telegram: @ELservicecentre

Zhng your gadgets in time for 2021

2020 may have made many of us a little more cautious with our money, but the new year beckons some much-needed change.

Start with the devices you use regularly, as these are useful investments in the long run.

With your gadgets looking good as new, it’s a lot like pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart in time for 2021.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Esmond Service Centre.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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