S’poreans Can Feedback On Grab’s $0.32 Platform Fee Till 11 Aug, Funds Will Go To Driver Welfare

S’poreans Can Send Feedback On Grab’s $0.32 Platform Fee To CCCS Till 11 Aug

Would you want to pay more for your Grab ride, if it means that our hardworking Grab drivers will get more support?

That’s the question that the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) is asking Singaporeans.

The agency is seeking our feedback after Grab applied to add a platform fee of $0.32 (including Goods & Services Tax) to what we have to pay for our rides.


Grab can’t change prices without approval

According a media release from the CCCS on Tuesday (28 Jul), Grab needs approval from the CCCS before it changes its pre-transaction prices or products.

This includes the adding of the proposed platform fee.

Since the ride-hailing company has already applied to impose the fee, CCCS will decide on the application based on public feedback.


Public invited to submit feedback

Thus, the public is invited to submit their feedback to CCCS, particularly in these 2 areas:

1. Should Grab be allowed to impose a platform fee so that it can recoup the cost of better passenger safety and driver benefits?
2. Any other considerations that CCCS should consider

More information can be found here, including Grab’s application and Public Consultation Paper.

Feedback must be sent to CCCS at CCCS_Feedback@cccs.gov.sg by 11 Aug at 5 pm.

Do not send in any confidential information.

Grab says platform fee will help ensure safety

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (28 Jul), explained why it wants to impose the platform fee.


The company has been investing in initiatives to protect customers and drivers, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it needs the $0.32 to continue doing so.

Some of the security and safety features Grab has initiated are:

  1. Fraud prevention
  2. Number masking
  3. Emergency button
  4. Share My Ride
  5. GrabProtect measures to ward off Covid-19



More accident insurance benefits

If you get into an accident while taking Grab, the cover you get will also be higher.

That’s because Grab also plans to double the Personal Accident Insurance benefits coverage for both passenger and driver to US$20,000 (S$27,615) — if the platform fee is approved.


Making drivers’ lives better

Being a Grab driver can be a hard life, having to be on the road the whole day and getting abuse from passengers.

Because of Covid-19, life has been harder, as the number of passengers have gone down.

To make their lives better, one-third of Grab’s proposed platform fee will go towards drivers’ welfare.

That includes benefits, scholarships, training and insurance.


Customers can visit grb.to/platformfee for more information.

Time to decide

The Covid-19 crisis has hit Grab hard, with the company having to retrench 360 employees recently.

However, the company is still rolling out initiatives to ensures that its passengers and drivers are better protected. To help them do that, is $0.32 more too much to pay?


Also, it’s proposed effort to contribute towards drivers’ welfare sounds like a nice touch. Will it be enough to convince you to pay more?

Those are the questions you must decide on in your feedback to the CCCS. It’ll help determine whether the $0.32 fee becomes a reality or not.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

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