Hair-Curling Scrunchie From S’pore Gives You Gorgeous Waves In Hours, No Damaging Tools Needed

Hair-Curling Scrunchie From S'pore Gives You Gorgeous Waves In Hours, No Damaging Tools Needed

Fii Beauty Cloud Curler Gives You Fabulous Waves In A Safe & Heatless Way

Now that we’re in December and the festive season is in high gear, you probably already have a bunch of gatherings lined up in your calendar.

Besides fretting over what to wear, you may be worrying about how to style your hair to put the best finishing touches to your OOTD. After all, your usual claw clip updo may not exactly go well with that sparkly new dress.

Having lush, bouncy curls is #hairgoals for most ladies, but unless you were born with naturally wavy locks, the only way you can get them is to book a pricey salon trip or do it yourself with styling tools.

Those often involve chemicals or heat, which can be very damaging. Enter Fii Beauty’s Cloud Curler, an innovative tool from Singapore that literally takes the heat out of curling.

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You can even use it while you’re out and about or fast asleep as it basically functions like a regular scrunchie — just wrap your tresses into a bun and let the Cloud Curler work its magic.

What too much heat can do to your hair

Those who paid attention to hair trends in the early 2000s would remember pin-straight locks – à la Sk8er Boi-era Avril Lavigne – being totally in.

In more recent years, however, wavy tresses have taken over to become the preferred ‘do as they make one’s hair appear more voluminous, feminine, and glam.

Before you pick up a curling iron to achieve that look for your upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, here’s a fair warning.

According to Healthline, too much heat styling can damage your hair, leading to problems like split ends, really dry and frizzy strands, and hair breakage. Although most of us probably don’t need a website to tell us that.

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That’s not cute at all — and definitely not something you’d want your crush to see at a party.

Get wavy hair the safe & easy way with Fii Beauty Cloud Curler

Don’t worry, though. There’s still a way to get those shampoo commercial-worthy waves without torturing your hair.

Fii Beauty has come up with Singapore’s first heatless curling scrunchie, the Cloud Curler, an innovative tool that gives you beautiful and natural-looking curls in a safe and effortless way.

Say goodbye to accidentally burning your hair — and your fingers and ears, for that matter.

fii beauty

The Cloud Curler comes in two different sizes: a thick one for mid-length to long hair and a thin one for shoulder-length hair. The former also gives you bigger waves while the latter is for those who want smaller, tighter curls.

fii beauty

It works great for those with a digital perm as well by acting as an after-care styling tool to maintain the curls.

Do note that you won’t be able to use the curler if your hair is above your shoulders, so you’ll need to grow out that pixie cut or bob before trying it out.

Tangled, frizzy hair won’t be an issue thanks to the high-quality mulberry silk that each scrunchie is made of.

This soft and all-natural material helps retain the hair’s moisture and natural oils, keeping it hydrated and smooth as…well, silk.

It also gives the Cloud Curler a very chic appearance that won’t look out of place whether you’re at the gym, office, or on a date, which means you can curl your hair while going about your day.

fii beauty

You can even wear it overnight while you sleep. Talk about a time-saver.

How to use the Cloud Curler

Now, you may be wondering how on earth to use the Cloud Curler. After all, it is the first of its kind in Singapore.

Fortunately, there are very clear and detailed instructions – complete with animated gifs – on the website for you to follow. You’ll be doing it like a pro in no time.

Step 1: Brush your hair

This gets rid of any tangles and ensures you get neat curls when you remove the Cloud Curler.

Step 2: Tie a high ponytail

Make sure you tie it on the crown of your head, as high as possible.

Step 3: Loop your ponytail into the Cloud Curler

Start at either end of the curler and ensure that the curling rod is facing the front.

Step 4: Bring your ponytail across the Cloud Curler

Flip it in front and get ready to start looping.

Step 5: Start looping!

fii beauty

Wrap the entire hair around the curler tightly, making sure that the curler itself does not budge.

Step 6: Get ready to secure the curler

Hold your ponytail securely and grab the scrunchie part of the Cloud Curler like you would with a regular hair tie.

Step 7: Twist

Twist the Cloud Curler into a figure eight shape.

Step 8: Loop

Loop the scrunchie over the curler and ponytail, securing it into a bun on the top of your head.

Step 9: Done!

fii beauty

Admire how cute you look in the bun. Then, leave it on for at least two hours or overnight before removing the curler and watch your fab new waves cascade down.

fii beauty

For more information and to get your own Cloud Curler, visit Fii Beauty’s official website here.

Fii Body Scrub Balls for silky smooth skin

In addition to the mane of your dreams, smooth and glowing skin is also a good ‘accessory’ for any holiday outfit.

Fii Beauty has their own range of Scrub Balls, which act as an exfoliator, cleanser, and body mask in cute, candy-like packaging.

Made of safe, all-natural ingredients such as sucrose (or sugar), snail mucin, glycerin, and niacinamide, the Scrub Balls help to remove dry and dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling nice and smooth.

As a bonus, they’re also super fun to use. Simply take a Scrub Ball, wet it, and gently press and rub with it with both hands until a slimy texture is produced.

You might be reminded of those calming and oh-so-satisfying slime ASMR videos that are popular online.

After that, massage the sweet-smelling substance onto wet skin and enjoy shower time to the fullest.

Visit Fii Beauty’s official website here to get more info – as well as your hands – on the Scrub Balls, and follow them on Facebook or Instagram for all the latest updates.

Get fab hair the safe way

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, so it makes sense to refrain from doing anything that could damage it.

However, protecting your locks doesn’t necessarily mean staying away from styling completely. You just need to find the right way to do it.

After all, ‘tis the season to look and feel great — not for others or for your social media feed, but for yourself, ultimately.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fii Beauty.

Featured image by MS News. Photography by Brad Lee, Chan Hui Wen & Chloe Chong.

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