S’porean Man Upset With $1.7K Bill At Yishun Salon, Hairstylist Claims He Agreed To It

Singaporean Man Lodges Complaint After Footing $1,771 Bill At Yishun Salon

At hair salons, we often rely on the advice of our trusted hairstylists.

But for one man in Singapore, his routine visit to a Yishun hair salon soon became a nightmare when he saw that his bill amounted to $1,771.

He had walked into the Yishun salon to get his hair cut and dyed on 5 Feb but unwittingly signed a hair treatment package as well.


The shop owner has since told Shin Min Daily News that the man has agreed and knowingly signed up for the packages.

Finds out hair treatment package costs $1,771

On 5 Feb, a 61-year-old man Mr Lee told Shin Min Daily News that he visited the barbershop at Yishun Street 71 to get his hair cut and dyed.

While having his hair cut, he noticed that he had some white hair. He then decided to dye his hair.

The staff later pointed out that he had scalp issues and recommended he undergo scalp treatment.

Mr Lee shared that the staff did not mention anything about the price of the treatment package. He only found out his treatment cost $1,771 when he was about to foot the bill.

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The staff then explained that the bill could be paid in instalments.

Although caught off guard by the “ridiculously expensive” bill, he paid half of it.

Mr Lee explained that his phone was running out of battery, and customers were waiting in line behind him at that time.

However, even after making payment, he ran into more obstacles. The staff had initially said he could use his CDC Vouchers to offset the bill.

But after using $95 worth of the vouchers, the staff claimed they did not receive them.

Mr Lee complains to the Consumers Association of Singapore

After paying the bill, Mr Lee said he “felt cheated” and told his family about it. His niece, who has experience in the industry, also found the bill unreasonable.

Following that, Mr Lee and his niece headed back to the salon to confront the salon staff.

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A heated argument soon ensued between the 1 parties, and the police had to be called in to intervene.

Now, Mr Lee insists that he will only pay $180 for the hair treatment he had received that day.

Additionally, he asked for a refund for the rest of the hair packages.

Mr Lee has since filed a complaint to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), reported Shin Min Daily News.

Yishun salon owner said Mr Lee signed package knowingly

The hair salon’s boss explained that after hearing how Mr Lee visits the salon every 2 weeks for a haircut and dyes his hair almost every month, she introduced the package to him.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, she claimed Mr Lee agreed to the packages after knowing the prices.

She shared that that night, Mr Lee and his family were demanding and causing a ruckus in her salon while there were still customers in it. It left her little choice but to lodge a police report on the case.

The salon’s boss added that the package was non-refundable. Only products can be exchanged.

Verify prices before consenting to services

Unfortunately, cases like this are not uncommon in Singapore.

To prevent such misunderstandings, salons can be more upfront with their package prices and get customers to double confirm that they’re agreeable to the final price.

Consumers can also better safeguard their interests by clarifying with the staff when they are offered packages before readily agreeing to use the services.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News.

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