Food Deliveries Will Take Longer As PMD Ban Turns 1 In 3 GrabFood Riders Into Walkers

Food Delivery Services Likely To Be Affected By PMD Ban

Yesterday (4 Nov), Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced an island-wide ban on Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) travelling on footpaths.

While many Singaporeans rejoiced at the decision, many considered the drawbacks. Food delivery services that seem to depend so much on PMDs may take a hit. And if they take a hit, we consumers will too.

Food deliveries will experience delays or cancellations

On 5 Nov, Grab sent out a notification warning customers that food deliveries will be delayed now that e-scooters are banned from footpaths.

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In addition, Grab warned that orders may even get cancelled if the delivery distance is too huge for walking.

According Grab, 1 in 3 GrabFood riders rely on e-scooters to get around. So the ban, while only on footpaths may nevertheless deter them from using e-scooters, since some may consider riding on the road to be dangerous.


Unsurprisingly, Grab wasn’t the only food delivery company that reacted to the ban.

Deliveroo will stop working with riders who insist on using e-scooters

According to CNA, Deliveroo shared that their riders have already been informed of the new regulation. They said,

Should any rider be found using an e-scooter on footpaths after Nov 5, we will stop working with them.

Hopefully, this strict warning gives Deliveroo e-scooter riders a reason to look for other modes of transport as well.

Workforce Singapore to find jobs for affected riders

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min shared that the authorities will work with Workforce Singapore (WSG) to help riders find new jobs should they no longer be able to work due to the PMD ban.

WSG also added that they have a range of programmes and services to aid these riders in their job search process.


Though this ban meant that our food deliveries will be delayed, we won’t have to worry about e-scooters zipping on footpaths anymore.

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