Foodpanda Now Has 24/7 Parcel Delivery Service, You Can Send Birthday Gifts At Midnight

Foodpanda Launches 24/7 Parcel Delivery Service Pandago

Since the pandemic, delivery services have become a mainstay in many of our lives.

While food delivery services seem to dominate the space, some platforms are branching out to make customers’ lives more convenient.

Examples include foodpanda, which has launched a 24/7 parcel delivery service to help you send or receive anything around the clock.

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After updating the app, users can use the pandago feature to benefit from the platform’s instant delivery service.

No more panicking over that laptop you left at a friend’s house or a gift you forgot to pick up.

Instant parcel delivery service under 60 minutes

In a recent press release, foodpanda announced the launch of its new parcel delivery service, pandago, that runs 24 hours each day.

They first offered the service to small businesses in 2020 and are now making it available to all foodpanda users, with those in Singapore being the lucky ones to try it first.

As it stands, the costs include a base fee, with additional fees per kilometre.

But the total amount remains affordable, with a delivery from Kallang Bahru to Kovan costing only S$11.

Moreover, pandago aims to complete each delivery in under an hour, regardless of the distance, so you can trust that they’ll deliver your items in a jiffy.

With this service, there are now more options when you’re caught in a pinch and need a delivery ASAP.

List of prohibited items on foodpanda delivery service

As with any delivery service, there’s a list of prohibited items that pandago won’t deliver.

They include:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Intoxicants, narcotics & psychotropic substances
  • Antiques & works of art
  • Currencies & cheques
  • Precious metals
  • Hazardous waste
  • Human corpses or parts
  • Dangerous goods or hazardous materials as deemed by the Government
  • Pirated items
  • Livestock

This list seems fair and thorough enough, as Singapore did have a case of drug trafficking by delivery service in 2021.

Therefore, take note of the restrictions before making a request to avoid having your deliveries cancelled.

Get a birthday gift for bae as soon as the clock strikes midnight

Now with pandago, we no longer have to wait till the next morning or working day to get our things delivered urgently.

With the new service, we can simply get what we need even in the dead of the night.

For the romantics, this certainly would be a great plus when you want to surprise bae with a birthday gift at the stroke of midnight.

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