M’sia Foodpanda Rider Walks Home After Bike Gets Confiscated, Influencer Buys Him New One

Foodpanda Rider In Malaysia Walks On Road When His Bike Gets Confiscated

In a viral TikTok video, a foodpanda rider in Malaysia was seen walking home on the road after his bike was confiscated.

After the video went viral, an influencer tracked the rider down and gifted him a new bike.

The Road Transport Department in Malaysia (JBJ) clarified on Facebook that the rider’s vehicle licence had expired and he had no insurance.

Foodpanda rider walks on road with cooler bag after bike confiscated

In the video uploaded on 12 Sep, the rider can be seen walking on the road while carrying a foodpanda cooler bag.

Though the video doesn’t state the location, it is speculated that the scene took place in Sepang in Selangor.

Source: TikTok

The video was captioned, “I hope everything will be easier for you, brother.”

According to mStar, the caption had initially included a comment about how difficult it is to work for Grab and foodpanda.

“Is working for Grab or foodpanda such a shameful job? Pity the brother trying to earn a living.”

However, it seems to have been changed.

You can see in the video that JBJ and police officers had set up a roadblock, and presumably, the rider had his bike taken from him.

Source: TikTok

Vehicle licence had expired

After the video went viral, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) left a comment noting that the rider’s motor vehicle licence (LKM) had expired.

As such, he had no insurance.

Source: The Vocket

JPJ said they were concerned he might get into an accident without insurance, so they confiscated the bike.

“If the rider were to end up in an accident, it would inconvenience other motorists and his family. Hope this clarifies,” it said.

In a later comment, the JPJ said his licence had expired on 6 Feb.

Influencer buys rider bike

After seeing the viral video, Malaysian influencer Aisar Khaled posted on his social media accounts that he gifted the rider a new bike.

The video, posted on Wednesday (13 Sep), shows Aisar arriving at the rider’s home.

The rider, named Syahrul, tells Aisar that he had failed to pay his road tax, so the JPJ confiscated his bike.

Aisar then invites Syahrul to get in his car, and he drives them to a motor shop.

Then Aisar reveals that he is gifting Syahrul a new bike.

Syalrul then gets emotional and hugs Aisar.

Source: @aisar_khaledd on Instagram

To top things off, Aisar also gifts Syahrul a stack of RM50 notes.

Source: @aisar_khaledd on Instagram

Syahrul is clearly overcome with emotion as he receives the gifts.

“Hopefully, this donation can give encouragement to Abang Syahrul to continue fighting for the family,” Aisar captioned.

Many netizens gave Syahrul their well-wishes and praised Aisar for his quick actions.

Though some pointed out that Syahrul now has two road taxes to pay, at least he has a bike to make a living with.

Kudos to Aisar for his generous donation, and we hope that Syahrul’s new lease of life can keep him going.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok and @aisar_khaledd on Instagram.

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