S’porean Facebook Fortune Teller Turns Out To Be Part Of A Creative Marketing Campaign

Mystery Facebook Fortune Teller Just Another April Fool’s Prank

Maybe you’ve heard about that Facebook lady who claims to tell fortunes. She’s even held a few live-streams and done a convincing job at it.

Screenshot of live stream session

Turns out, Mrs Fortune Teller isn’t a real fortune teller.

She’s part of a creative campaign to get younger Singaporeans to start thinking more about their future. Coincidentally (or not), the reveal comes just in time for April Fool’s.

Even though she never gave us the winning numbers to the next TOTO or told us the best areas for BTOs, she did give us some pretty handy advice.

Wisdom from the veiled lady

1. Work smart and plan ahead

It’s common wisdom that If you want to succeed, you’ve got to work hard. But Mrs Fortune Teller reminds us that hard work alone may not be enough. Always have a plan for where all that hard work is going. Or as the Ah Boys To Men soldier boys – Maxi and Noah – will tell you, work smart.

Planning for prosperity

2. Don’t look for your passion, build it

Now this was something interesting. Instead of telling the corny ‘follow your passion’, the fortune teller said to build your passion instead of searching for it. By searching for it, we give ourselves excuses to withdraw from hardship. If something is too difficult, we might easily say ‘this isn’t my passion’ and give up.

Make your own key instead looking for one

3. Losses are unavoidable

Sweet as winning is, we can’t always win. And when we lose, we mustn’t get beaten down by our loss. It’s all about overcoming loss after loss until you finally get to the end of the tunnel — it’s a long, arduous ride, but eventually, things will work out.

Lose a few coins now, but gain lasting happiness

4. Never force love

For all the love-hungry souls begging for the veiled lady for answers and solutions to their problems, she had one thing to say: don’t rush it. And if you get into a relationship you’re not happy with, getting out of it will make you equally unhappy.


If it happens, it happens

5. Nothing is 100% certain

Although this doesn’t bode well for her CV, it’s an undeniable truth to life. Nothing is 100% certain. If anyone could tell the future with 100% accuracy, he or she will be able to live off lotteries.

The crossroads will always be confusing

Happy April Fool’s

The whole point of the fortune teller was never to tell fortunes. It’s impossible to tell a fortune accurately.

The point was to show that the best we can do is make preparations for what may come.

So for the lot of you hoping for easy lottery wins and solutions to finding perfect love, Happy April Fool’s from Manulife and Mrs Fortune Teller.

‘Tell’ your own fortune

Needless to say, the campaign is about insurance.

Insurance may have been given a bad name by pestering sales agents. But that should not diminish its importance. Like the Mrs said, the future is uncertain. Insurance is a safeguard against that uncertainty.

Though she’ll no longer be holding live sessions or answering questions, you can still ‘tell’ your own fortune with the cards she used. And by telling fortunes, we mean carving out a plan for your future.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Manulife.

Featured image from YouTube.

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