Four Star Warehouse Sale Has Queen-Sized Mattresses Going For $299 Till 22 Sep

Four Star Mattress Warehouse Sale With Up To 70% Off And Back-Friendly Surfaces

Getting good sleep quality does not end with the number of hours you sleep every night; the mattress you use also matters.

If you’re having backaches after a night’s rest, perhaps your mattress is worn out or it doesn’t fit your needs.

For those who don’t want to break the bank for a new mattress for your BTO flat, Four Star has an ongoing warehouse sale at Ang Mo Kio from now until 22 Sep, at up to 70% off.

four star ultimateAll the comfort you could ever want

Display sets will be available and all mattresses sold are brand new.

While we’re at it, we’ve sussed out some of the best-priced mattresses to keep an eye out for below.

If you only have 5 seconds to check out what’s on offer, that’s fine too: here’s a quick list of what’s on sale.

Queen-sized mattresses from $299

If you or your S/O are the anything goes type where mattresses are concerned, the Classic queen-sized mattresses are going for $299 each.

They’re priced at $1798 normally, making this an absurd bargain.

four star classic

Fear dust accumulation or the mattress turning into a bacterial hotbed? Not to worry, these are dust mite and bacteria-proof — and getting up in the morning will become that much harder with this spring mattress.

Treat your back with Chiro Series from $749

Chronic back achers, these mattresses are for you. If you’ve had to sleep on some hard surfaces over the years, your back deserves a better rest with the offset spring-fitted Chiro series.

The spring system allows for optimal back support, giving your back the comfort it sorely needs.

The Chiro Care is priced at $749, originally priced at $2999.

four star chiro care

But if you like your back care to be next-level, the Chiro Optima, equipped with a hybrid latex sheet for even better posterior support, is going for $919, originally priced at $4599.

Other mattresses from $549

The best advice for jeans also applies to mattresses: try them out before buying. Who knows, you might find a better fit than the supposedly “best” (ie most expensive) mattress at the warehouse sale.

Luckily, there are many mattresses to try, such as the Signature, which will be priced at $549, originally priced at $2199.

four star signature

And for the Ultimate in quality sleep, that’s going for $950, originally priced at $3799.

Free delivery for over $300 purchases

Picture this: you’re at the counter paying for your mattress(es), patting yourself on the back at having saved so much. But then you forgot about that sneaky delivery charge!

There won’t be any sneakiness in this case, as free deliveries will be offered for purchases of over $300, with a $50 charge below that amount.

You’ll even get to go home in comfort, by claiming up to $40 in your Grab or taxi fare when you show your receipt with a minimum of $500 spent. Everything bao ka liao.

Now that we have your attention, here’s how to get to the location in Ang Mo Kio.

The place is about 15 minutes’ bus ride with feeder service 268 from AMK Hub, followed by a short walk:


Address: 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Singapore 569511 (#08-01 and #08-04)
Dates: Wednesday (18 Sep) to Sunday (22 Sep)
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio MRT

With insanely low prices and opportunity to claim Grab fare, you’ll want to get out of bed for this one.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Four Star.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Four Star. All images courtesy of Four Star unless otherwise stated.

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