Sleeping On The MRT Ride Back Home

At some point of your life, you must have been so tired that you fell asleep on the MRT or bus, and you may have even slept against the glass panel of the MRT before.


However, have you ever been so tired that you slept on the MRT’s floor?

On 9 Sep, a reddit user was on his way home taking the last train on the North-South line. As he entered the standing cabin of the MRT, he saw a row of tired workers sitting down on the floor, sleeping.

Too tired to care

As the ride on the MRT progressed, one of the workers laid down on the floor and slept even though there was a stranger right beside where he placed his head.

Not soon after, one of the other workers woke up and noticed his workmate lying on the floor.


He then moved towards him seemingly to wake him up so he wouldn’t lie on the floor.

However, it turns out that he just sat down right next to him. He then placed his head up onto his lap and the 2 fell asleep shortly after.

Netizens quickly reacted to the photo with speculations, praises for the photo as well as small jokes.


Some speculated that they did not go to the cabin with seats because they were told off by people before.


While others stated that they like the photo because it shows the hardworking people who work tirelessly for our society.


And there was one who jokingly said they were brother in arms because of position of the worker’s arm over the other’s shoulder.

Strong but powerful image

This simple but powerful photo is an example of caring for one another even if it’s just a simple act of sitting beside someone and placing their head on your lap, something we should all learn and apply, but not necessarily in this context.

It’s always heartwarming to see acts of camaraderie among fellow commuters.


Featured image adapted from Reddit.