Free Ice Cream Given Out In Orchard Next Weekend, Choose Wafer, Bread Or Cup

Free Ice Cream In Orchard Next Weekend, Download E-Book Designed By Children To Get The Treat

With the arrival of December, the festive season is officially upon us and what better way to get into the spirit than to head down to Orchard Road and catch the Christmas light-up.

Better still, ice cream will be given out free in Orchard by a distinctive blue ice cream cart next weekend.

Source: Courtesy of Geneco

Those who manage to catch the cart will be able to choose to put their ice cream in a wafer, bread or cup.

Free ice cream in Orchard from 9-11 Dec

According to a media release sent to MS News, the free ice cream cart will be located outside Paragon Shopping Centre.

It’ll be there from next Friday (9 Dec) to Sunday (11 Dec).

Source: Google Maps

On Friday, it’ll be at the spot from 4pm to 8pm, while on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll be able to find it there from 1pm to 8pm.

Just like other ice cream carts, the ice cream comes with wafer, bread or in a cup — so there’ll be something for everyone.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Source: Jennifer Montemayor on Facebook

Download e-book to redeem treat

When you find the cart, a friendly ice cream uncle will guide you on how to redeem the treat.

It’ll be as simple as downloading an e-book called “Little Green Heroes”.

The children’s book tells the story of three friends with special powers who protect their Planet Erf from a Trash Monster.

The e-book was created by residential electricity retailer Geneco and 3Pumpkins, a non-profit organisation that provides socio-emotional support for vulnerable youths and children to express themselves through arts.

Its drawings were thus drawn by the children at 3Pumpkins.

Source: Courtesy of Geneco

Download the e-book here, which also comes in an audio version voiced by TV host and emcee Kelly Latimer.

Geneco hopes to raise S$15,000 for charity

The ice cream giveaway in fact aims to increase visibility and engagement for Geneco’s #HappilyEverAfter campaign.

The drive encourages the public to donate in support of 3Pumpkins’ initiatives, as well as send a strong message of sustainability and environmental awareness to readers of the e-book.

Ultimately, Geneco hopes to raise S$15,000 for charity this festive season.

Source: Ray Of Hope

To donate, head to crowdfunding charity Ray of Hope or Geneco’s #HappilyEverAfter site.

Free ice cream amid the Orchard lights

We can’t think of any sweet treat that fits with Christmas more than frosty ice cream.

Thus, eating free ice cream amid the lights of Orchard seems to be the perfect thing to do over the weekend.

Downloading an e-book created by children with a timely message is simply the icing on the cake.

Do consider helping out the #HappilyEverAfter campaign too, as it’s for a good cause indeed.

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Featured image courtesy of Geneco and adapted from Google Maps.

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