Man Allegedly Hit By Golf Ball At Decathlon Kallang, Store Apologises & Closes Testing Zone

Man Suffers Broken Nose After Allegedly Getting Hit By Golf Ball At Decathlon Kallang

When you’re out shopping, the last thing you’ll expect is to be hit by a golf ball.

But that’s exactly what a man claims happened to him at popular sports megastore Decathlon in Kallang.

The impact caused him to fall and his nose to be broken.


Decathlon has apologised for the incident, saying it has shut down its golf test zone.

Man was shopping at Decathlon Kallang before golf ball incident

According to a Facebook post on Saturday (8 May), Mr Michael Kwok said he and his friends were shopping for sports equipment.


They decided to go to Decathlon Singapore Lab, located at Kallang near the National Stadium.


He and a friend were walking and chit-chatting near the ball section when something hard flew over and hit him, he said.

Man fell down & bled on the floor

Mr Kwok said the object hit his nose area from the left, causing an “excruciating sharp pain”.

As he felt dizzy, he lost his balance and fell down, he added.

The injury caused blood to flow from his nose, making a puddle of blood on the floor.

Passers-by attend to him

Luckily, a few kind-hearted passers-by came over to attend to him. One of them happened to be a trained nurse.


Decathlon staff also called the ambulance, which came within 10 minutes, he said.


In the commotion, he claimed to have heard a staff member say that a golf ball had hit him.

X-ray shows nose fracture

Mr Kwok was sent to Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where he spent 4 hours.

He said that according to an X-ray, his nose bridge is fractured, causing his nose to be crooked.

A photo taken after the incident

The doctor told him, he added, that he’d have to wait for the swelling to go down before seeing a specialist to straighten his nose.

He’s now worried that he may be permanently disfigured.

Think Decathlon golf ball testing zone not a good idea

Mr Kwok said he shared the incident on Facebook to warn the public that Decathlon actually has a golf ball testing zone where people can hit golf balls with clubs.

This may not be a good idea, he felt, as the shop is an enclosed area and popular with families.

He claimed he was more than 10-20m away from the testing zone but yet could’ve been blinded if the ball had hit his eyes.


Decathlon apologises for incident

Commenting on his post, Decathlon Singapore apologised for the incident and said a team member has reached out to Mr Kwok to offer assistance.


As safety is “of utmost priority” to the company, it has closed the gold test zone at the Kallang store immediately.

The company is also investigating the incident and reassessing its test zones to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

Wishing Mr Kwok a speedy recovery

If a golf ball can somehow go astray and hit a person out of nowhere in an enclosed store, that’s shocking indeed.

Hopefully, more precautions are taken so that such a dangerous incident won’t happen again.

MS News wishes Mr Kwok a quick recovery from his injuries.

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