S’pore GrabFood Driver Only Eats After All Deliveries Are Made, His Sincerity Touches Netizens’ Hearts

GrabFood Driver & His Buddy Only Eat After They Complete All Delivery Orders

For those who ordered food online before, we’re all too familiar with dedicated riders who deliver freshly cooked food to your doorstep.

But have you ever wondered, if those riders are working hard to deliver during our mealtime, then when do they actually get to eat?

According a Facebook post on Rilek1Corner, we learnt that this GrabFood driver only takes his meals after completing all the deliveries.


Despite only getting to tuck into his last meal of the day late at night, the driver thanked God for His protection over all drivers during work.

GrabFood driver thanked God he could eat after work

In the original screenshot, the GrabFood driver wrote,

“When all food orders were delivered and customers already sleeping tight, I will sit beside my buddy and eat… while in my heart never miss to thank God to protect us riders while working… able to eat after work and meet our loved ones again. Alhamdulilah.”

Here is the screenshot posted.


In the caption of the post by Rilek1Corner, they also mentioned that food delivery riders shouldn’t be looked down upon as they are also working to earn an honest living.

Netizens touched by Grabfood driver’s earnestness

Netizens responded to the post with praise for GrabFood drivers. Some even shared prayers of safety for them.

Here are some heartwarming comments that we saw.

A Facebook user prayed for all drivers to be safe, hoping they’ll be filled with blessings at the end of each workday.


Another user added that he salutes all GrabFood drivers for delivering food regardless of the weather, and reminds them to stay safe during their rides.


This user also mentioned that she’ll “never look down on” drivers as they are working an honest job.


Appreciating food delivery drivers

Whenever our food is sent to us by delivery riders, many of us might not take a moment to think about their hardships.

However, we learnt that some drivers work twice as hard just so that could we have our meals on time — even if it means that they’ll miss their meal time.

With that, let’s take a while to show our appreciation to our drivers in the future. Sometimes, all they need are a smile and a simple “thank you” to make their day.

Feature image adapted from Facebook and SGRVigilante on Facebook. Do take note that images used are for illustration purposes only. 

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