GrabFood Users Order Just 1 Pau Or Kopi & Drivers Actually Enjoy Sending Them

Amused GrabFood Drivers Share Their Smallest Orders From Customers

On lazy days, making the walk to your nearest coffee shop just to buy coffee or simple food can be quite a chore.

You whip out your phone, thinking of making that 1 sad order of roti prata, or maybe a single cup of kopi. You feel quite paiseh to do it, but you do it anyway.

To your relief, a GrabFood driver picks your order up! The dedicated bearer of food delivers your cup of kopi all the way to your doorstep.

Not without snapping a picture of it first to tell the tale, of course.



In a Facebook post on GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore, a driver’s encounter of a “kopi x 1” order unearthed how drivers actually feel when they receive such orders.

Are small orders the “in” thing now?

One driver took to Facebook (26 May) on Sunday morning, sharing how he just picked up a cup of hot coffee costing $2.70 to be delivered.

He wrote,

Must be the in thing now to just buy 1 kopi at Grabfood…


Another driver chipped in, sharing a screenshot of his smallest order — French Fries (Large) for $3.70.


How about that 1 roti prata? Plain please.


That’s not all though. More amusement ensued from other drivers.


So how do drivers really feel?

Most drivers are, in fact, welcoming these delivery orders because it makes their jobs easier to do.

Apparently, there’s a lesser chance of complaints by GrabFood users when riders pick up these jobs.

On the other hand, there are those who feel simple coffee orders are much more challenging because drinks have to be as hot as possible when they reach the customer.

One driver seems to derive more pleasure and meaning in delivering bigger orders.

No need paiseh, just Grab

When it comes to small orders, it seems that most Grabfood drivers love delivering as much as users love ordering them.

There was even an incident where a small order of chocolate milk tea made headlines, but for an entirely different, heartwarming reason.

How do you feel about making small orders? Is it still hard to get the paiseh feeling out of the way? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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