GrabFood Rider Sings Pitch Perfect Happy Birthday Song, Surprises Lady During Delivery

GrabFood Order Comes With Happy Birthday Song, Sung Perfectly

Many aren’t having the best of times during this Circuit Breaker, to the point where some are praying in public.

As more people are staying at home amid social distancing measures, so too have delivery orders increased.

Many riders are working hard tirelessly everyday to meet demand, bringing their exemplary customer service to the table.

One of them was spotted at work in a video posted on Instagram on Sunday (3 May), delivering a birthday song to a surprised customer and impressing netizens.

Perhaps this uncle had honed his singing skills over years.

Birthday delivery on behalf of customer

The video begins with the GrabFood uncle announcing that he’s making a delivery on behalf of someone.


A young lady answers the delivery, probably thinking that it’d be one like any other: collect the order, thank the deliverer, and done.


But it turns out there was another delivery to be made.

GrabFood rider delivers happy birthday song with impressive skill

The request from the orderer – it seems someone else had made the order to the lady’s home – was to deliver a birthday message.

So just as the deliverer was passing the bag filled with her order, wishing her a happy birthday, he started breaking into song.


It was the familiar strains of “Happy Birthday” — a song which is infamously known for its difficulty.

Everyone might know the lyrics, but hitting the notes is another matter. Most fail miserably, but the spirit of celebrating one’s birthday is present.

Such a challenge would go unnoticed by most except the musically-inclined.

But he nails the song.

Meanwhile, the lady is surprised and looks a little embarrassed, but not unhappy.


Great service from GrabFood rider

These days, more quirky delivery stories have made their way onto social media due to increased orders during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

There’s also been an increase in orders made on others’ behalf, leading to funny stories such as a guy conveying a message of love.

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Kudos to the GrabFood man for being game and celebrating the lady’s birthday! Hopefully he got 5 stars for that gesture, and hopefully the lady had a nice birthday at home.

Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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