Girlfriend Orders Deliveroo For Partner, Requests Food Rider To Say “I Love You” In Person

Deliveroo Rider Delivered Meal From Bombay Curry Club To Customer’s Boyfriend

The ‘Circuit Breaker’ that kicked in earlier this month has caused inconvenience for many of us. For fitness enthusiasts, it might the gym closures that bothered them most. But for those dating, it might be the inability to simply say “I love you” to their partners that saddened them.

One Deliveroo customer, however, found a way around this, without breaking the safe-distancing measures of course.

Twitter user Naz_Lucenzo, who’s also a Deliveroo rider, recently received a food order with a rather unique request.

Apart from delivering food, the female customer also requested him to say “I love you” to her partner.

Here’s how it went down:

Deliveroo customer makes special request while ordering for boyfriend

At the start of the 10-second clip, the Deliveroo rider reads out the special request printed on the delivery order.


Here’s what was printed. if you are having difficulties reading the fine prints:

Please pack cutlery for Ivan and tell him that I love him hehe.

Says “I love you” to customer’s boyfriend

The clip then cuts to another scene where the Deliveroo rider hands over the food from Bombay Curry Club to the customer.

As requested by the customer, Jayce, the delivery person read out the 3 magical words to her boyfriend, Ivan.


He even read out the words “hehe” exclamation in a cheeky tone.

We can’t see Ivan’s full expression given the mask he was wearing. He did, however, let out a small chuckle as soon as he heard the words, so chances are, he was pretty amused.

Ivan then reciprocated by saying “I love you too” to the Deliveroo rider, albeit in a shy manner.


Some food riders might not be equally ‘game’ should they receive such a request, but for this Deliveroo rider, he was more than happy to do so.

In his words,

Okay la, gf happy, bf happy. Everyone’s happy. You request, I do for you la.

Props to the Deliveroo rider for being acceding to the request

Kudos to the Deliveroo rider for going the extra mile to execute Jayce’s request.

We’re sure Ivan enjoyed the meal his girlfriend ordered for him and hope other delivery riders would also be as enthusiastic should they receive a similar request.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Twitter

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