Deliveroo Low-Key Stopped Giving Us Plastic Forks & Spoons A Month Ago, But Nobody Knew

Deliveroo Confirms New Opt-In Plastic Cutlery Policy, In Bid To Use Less Plastic In Singapore

For our past 3 food deliveries from Deliveroo, we noticed that plastic cutlery sets were conspicuously missing from our packages.


As it was unlikely that our rider got quick-fingered for plastic forks and spoons of all things, we at MustShareNews knew that something was amiss.

Not an error

Thankfully, this confirmation from Deliveroo SG will assure you that this was no error on their part.


They cite a movement towards environmental sustainability efforts, for their opt-in policy.

Placing the onus on customers to request for cutlery, instead of providing them by default.

Opting out by default

After we rechecked our orders, we noticed a new selection box at the checkout screen — a request for plastic cutlery, that remains unchecked by default.

Upon further investigation, we realised that we’d missed a key announcement about a month ago.

The food delivery company heralded a move towards “opting in” for plastic cutlery, in a bid to become more environmentally friendly on 6 Jun.

Leading by example

A quick scroll through the brand’s Instagram page also reveals something interesting.

Besides featuring wooden chopsticks and poké bowl lime sticks, plastic cutlery is mostly absent on their feed.

Of course, we understand that this could be an aesthetic choice.

But we noticed tons of their pictures low-key encouraging followers to use their own cutlery.

See lower SES example 1, featuring the humble Hainanese chicken rice.

Spot the metal fork and spoon

And high SES example 2, dated 28 Nov 2017.

Fancy wine glasses elevate your meal

KFC & Starbucks too

With many brands hopping onboard the no-plastic movement, we’re heartened by the fact that Deliveroo has opted-in as well.

Elon Musk Iron-Man is impressed

KFC and Starbucks’ new no-straw pledges however, though supported by most Singaporeans, still have some griping about the good ole’ straw days.

We at MustShareNews think it’s way more satisfying to enjoy our food using our own utensils.

Did you notice Deliveroo’s new policy before us? How do you feel about their move to reduce reliance on single-use plastics?

Opt in with your opinion in the comments below.

Featured image from Deliveroo and Deliveroo Packaging.

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