Say Goodbye To Iconic Green Starbucks Straws, And Hello To Sippy Cups

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Starbucks Joins Global Effort To Reduce Single-Use Plastics, Removes Straws For Sippy Cups

In an ambitious move to reduce single-use plastics, Starbucks Singapore will be joining the brand’s global effort to eliminate single-use plastic straws from all stores by 2020.


The global brand announced on Monday (9 Jul), that strawless lids and/or straws from other materials will be provided instead.

We’re talking biodegradable paper straws as possible alternatives.

Strawless lids in 28,000 stores worldwide

If you thought that KFC’s recent move to join to no-plastic hype train was impressive, Starbucks’ effort is pretty swell too.


They’ve managed to design a “strawless lid”, as a replacement for straws for all iced coffee, tea and espresso drinks.

The lids have been received with thunderous support from US and Canadian Starbucks fans, after 8,000 stores have put them to the test for Draft Nitro and Cold Foam drinks.


Yes, that’s the drink that’s like beer, with the cool foam.

We can expect that this lid will soon come to Singapore in the form of a pilot, extended to China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Huh, really no straws forever?

Well, if you insist.


Starbucks clarified that they will provide straws made of paper or compostable plastic upon request.

Consider that a special service to you straw die-hards, who fear the formidable brain freeze in their Frappuccinos.

Global plastic revolution

This thought has probably crossed your mind, when you’ve just collected your bubble tea and are handed a plastic straw wrapped in more plastic — We really do use a lot of plastic here in Singapore.

And although there has been no cost pegged to the wastage thus far, we think it’s an admirable effort by brands to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

Starbucks, joins a long list of other global brands like IKEA, McDonald’s and KFC who’ve made ambitious pledges to the worthy cause.

If you’d still like to slurp drinks with a plastic straw in hand, we won’t judge you.

But come 5 years, you may be joining the plastic revolution too.

Not by choice, but by necessity.

Featured image from Starbucks and 1912 Pike.

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