S’pore Cancels GSS 2020 For First Time Since 1994, But Online Sites Still Have 40% Off Lobangs

Great Singapore Sale 2020 Is Not Happening Due To Covid-19

The annual Great Singapore Sale (GSS) used to be every Singaporeans’ green light for a shopping spree.

Unfortunately, the streets of Orchard Road have been left empty this ‘Circuit Breaker’, leaving GSS cancelled this year.

However, avid shoppers can still look forward to great bargains on online sites & a bona fide shopping experience in the comfort of your homes.

GSS called off due to Covid-19

GSS 2020 that was set to begin in June will not be taking place, according to a Facebook post by Singapore Retailers Organisation (SRA).


This break is required due to stricter Covid-19 measures in place during this ‘Circuit Breaker’.

For Singaporeans and tourists, this is certainly disappointing news as it is the first time the event is cancelled since its debut in 1994.

Monumental event for Singapore

Furthermore, the GSS is more than just a Black Friday or typical clearance sale.


The Great Singapore Sale was one of the first few events put in place to attract tourists to our shopping attractions. Singaporeans would also take the opportunity to bulk buy things that they don’t normally replace.

We used to see citizens scurrying to Metro and Takashimaya to cop items, ranging from kitchenware to fashion apparel consistently from June to August every year.


Though the GSS might not be as relevant today, we can still agree it had a huge presence in the 90s and 00s, holding a special place in our hearts.

GSS cancelled, but you can still add to cart

Well, the biggest sale event of the year is cancelled. But this does not mean you cannot get shopping done at equally good prices.

Following ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, many retailers are going online and even organising sales to attract customers.

Therefore, we decided to do a little research and sift out the best online deals for you out there.

For people looking to revamp their wardrobe for post-CB dates, now might very well be the time to do so.

‘Tech lovers’ can also get ready for a haul of a lifetime, as major appliance stores are offering laptops, vacuum cleaners and even aircon at attractive prices.


In any case, we’ve compiled a list of offers for you here, over a range of products for your shopping pleasure:

Shopping therapy soothes the soul

If you diligently comb the internet, you might even be able to find better deals compared to the one we expect from GSS 2020.

Now that we are stuck at home, shopping therapy does not seem like a bad idea either. Hence, do not be too disappointed with GSS’s absence this June.

We’ll make sure to fill our shopping carts either way, so we don’t miss out on any bargains.

Featured image adapted from Holidify.

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