EZ-Link Has $12 Fortune Cat Gudetama Cards With $7 Load Value So You Can Use Instantly

EZ-Link Launches Fortune Cat Gudetama Cards At $12

For those who don’t know, fortune cats are commonly use to wave fortune into your life.

And since Chinese New Year is coming, transit company EZ-Link launched a new series of cards featuring the popular lazy egg yolk Gudetama as a fortune cat.


We’re positive these cards will bring you all the huats you need during your commute.

Gudetama EZ-Link cards come in 2 designs

These EZ-Link cards come in 2 designs — white and yellow.

The white card features rather whimsical designs of the lazy egg yolk, as we see Gudetama as a fortune cat, lanterns and sushi, accompanied with cracked egg shells splattered across the background.


We imagine this card would suit hardcore Gudetama fans who can’t get enough of this precious yolk.

On the other hand, the second card design has a big Gudetama yolk sitting in the middle  as a fortune cat.


Gudetama is also holding up its left hand to resemble the gesture of a fortune cat wave.

This card is completely yellow, so those who love vibrant and eye-catching colours would find happiness in snagging this rather than the white design.

Each card costs $12 & comes with $7 load value

These cute EZ-Link cards are going for just $12 each. And to make it better, they are already pre-loaded with $7 credit.

That means, you can use the card immediately after receiving it.


So if you’re interested in getting your hands on them, be sure to visit any one of the Transit Link offices. Here’s the full list of Transit Link Singapore offices.

Before you go, tag a friend who loves Gudetama as much as you in the comments below, so you can all rush down there together before they’re sold out. Good luck.

Feature images adapted from Facebook

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