This HDB Flat’s Entirely Glass Walk-In Closet Is A Luxury Sneaker Throne Room

5-Room HDB Flat With Glass Walk-In Closet Is Every Sneakerhead’s Dream Home

Ever thought of your sleek street wear and extensive sneaker collection as art pieces, deserving of their own display?

Well, that’s just what ProjectGuru did in the renovation of this HDB Build-T-Order (BTO) flat.

The entire home resembles most HDB flats, save for a glass-walled centerpiece showcasing the owner’s impressive street wear collection.


Entirely made of glass, the walk-in closet allows you to proudly display your apparel for guests to admire.

Glass walk-in closet is a luxury sneaker throne room

Whether you are a hardcore sneakerhead with Air Jordans and Yeezys or splurged on some Christian Louboutin stilettos, you deserve to be proud of your shoe collection.

Gone are the days of storing your shoes in boxes, chucked in cramped corners.

A lit shoe collection needs a lit out-of-the-box display and this closet does just that.

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We have seen some sleek sneaker displays, but nothing that subtly screams, “look at me” while maintaining its class like this glass closet.

You can even show off your hypebeast apparel in the glass closet, like your very own curated art exhibition. Definitely more intriguing than the typical painting on the wall.

As visitors enter the home, it’s the first thing that will catch their eye.

Spacious common area with open concept

The glass walk-in closet strategically placed in the living room adds to the spaciousness of the area.

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The light tones used from the floorboard to the walls also make the space look bigger. Contrasted with darker-toned furniture, it adds character to the HDB flat.

The mustard yellow pillows that match the gold pot on the television console also give the room an exciting pop of colour.

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With the walk-in closet in full view of guests lounging in the living room, you’d have to ensure that the space is neat and presentable at all times.

Lights add flair to a humble kitchen

While the general layout of the home may look pretty simple, small, sophisticated touches elevate the humble areas.

Over in the open concept kitchen, the island counter top is perfect for preparing food and entertaining guests with a drink or two.

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Modern “glass box” lights that hang over the table create a futuristic vibe that’ll probably work best when serving guests drinks at night — think a bar setting in your home.

Comfort & practicality for bedroom space

The glitz and glamour of the outside space extends into the bedroom, which is also built for comfort and practicality.

More cupboard space means more room to store your personal belongings, because let’s face it, we wouldn’t want to put everything in our wardrobe on display.



The adjoining bathroom is likewise clean and tidy, all decked in a spotless white.


Just make sure to clean it regularly to maintain the appearance for a long time.

Think out of the box

We hope the tour of this 5-room HDB flat inspires you to think out of the box for your next renovation project.

The sky’s the limit even if your budget might not be that high. As long as you’re creative enough, you can turn your dream home into a reality.

And just like those sneakers on display, everyone deserves a home that they’re proud of.

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