Hidden Bunkers In S’pore Look Straight From An Indiana Jones Movie, A 15-Min Walk From Redhill MRT

Hidden Bunkers In Queenstown Look Like An Indiana Jones Movie Set With Rocks & Massive Vines

Many Singaporeans have been putting on their hiking boots to explore our island nation, especially after air travel around the world has been restricted due to Covid-19.

A netizen recently explored the hidden Kay Siang Bunkers in Queenstown and shared images of the abandoned British ammunitions cache on social media.

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Once used by the British military, roots and creepers now cover this piece of our colonial history.

Hidden Queenstown bunkers built during British rule

Singaporeans who were hiking at Queenstown came across the bunkers and shared pictures of them in a Facebook post dated 18 Nov. 

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According to The Lion Raw, these bunkers were probably built by the British around 1945 together with Buller Camp on Alexandra Road.

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While the main camp housed Japanese prisoners of war, the bunkers were likely used to store ammunition and supplies.

However, nature has now ‘reclaimed’ the space, transforming the bunkers into an Indiana Jones-eque setting.

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With no one to upkeep the premises, trees have even started to support themselves against the structures.


Bunker’s interior looks graffiti-free

Surprisingly, the walls of the bunkers seem largely spared from graffiti compared to other places like Haw Par Beach Villa, which are laced with spray paint.


In fact, there really was nothing left inside the cavernous storage area, leaving space for our imaginations to run wild.

Perhaps, the space used to be bustling with activity, as soldiers brought supplies to and from the bunker.


15-minute walk from Redhill MRT

Kay Siang Bunkers is about a 15-minute walk away from Redhill MRT station. Here’s the route that our adventurous colleagues took.


They recommend visitors to avoid the 1st bunker as the structure was unstable. 2 more bunkers lay ahead but you’d have to circumvent a fallen log first.

Once done, you’ll find red ropes left by helpful hikers to prevent others from falling down a steep slope.


Walking further down the path, you should come across the 2 bunkers.


Stay safe when exploring

As mentioned earlier, the path towards Kay Siang Bunkers includes a fallen log and steep slope meaning some caution will be needed when attempting to reach the abandoned structures.

While the bunkers look pretty cool in our opinion, we hope hikers will be extra careful when exploring this piece of Singapore’s history.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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