S’pore Hornbill Eyes Pet Bird As Food, Boldly Jumps Onto Cage & Eats It Up

Hornbill Drags Pet Bird Out Of Cage & Feasts On It

Recently, hornbills have been seen wandering near people’s homes, sometimes even making themselves at home.

On Sunday (4 Apr), a man shared a video of a hungry hornbill in Facebook group Singapore Wildlife Sightings, depicting the predator helping itself to a resident’s pet bird.

The hornbill had jumped onto one of the cages and dragged a bird out before feasting on it.


This incident appears to have happened at an HDB estate.

Leaps onto cage after bird catches its eye

The roughly 1.5-min footage starts off with the hornbill leaping off another bird cage.

It then lands on the ledge, looking curiously around as if pondering its next move.

hornbill pet birdSource

At least 4 bird cages were seen hanging outside what appears to be a HDB flat, surrounding the hornbill.

Then, the bird in the leftmost cage seems to have caught its eye.


The hornbill then leapt onto the cage.

hornbill pet birdSource

Hornbill pulls pet bird out of cage and eats it

Then, in a swift motion, the hornbill pulled the pet bird out of the cage through the grilles.

hornbill pet birdSource

A flurry of feathers was seen as the helpless bird flapped uncontrollably, trying its best to break free from the hornbill’s strong grasp.

The bird’s loud and frightened chirps could also be heard in the video.

While the bird tried valiantly to escape, within less than a minute, it went limp as the hornbill chomped down on it.

hornbill pet birdSource

As this was going on, the person recording the video can be heard asking where the bird owner was.

Keep pet birds safely indoors

While such incidents may be jarring and difficult for us to watch, it is all part of the circle of life.

After all, hornbills are omnivorous creatures who eat fruits but also insects and small animals. This is also not the first time hornbills have preyed on caged birds at an HDB estate.

So if you are a bird owner, do remember to keep your pet birds safely indoors, especially if you have hornbills in your area.

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Featured images adapted from Facebook.

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