Hougang Western Stall Allegedly Doesn’t Provide Utensils For Fries & Wings, Customer Surprised At Policy

Western Stall Allegedly Does Not Give Utensils To Customer

A user on Complaint Singapore was allegedly not given utensils to go with his fries and wings at a Hougang western food stall.

When he asked the staff why, they allegedly said customers can use their hands or paper towels.

They also claimed that customers would throw the utensils away in the past, even though the stall has since switched to ceramic plates.

Source: Facebook

Unimpressed at how he had to make a request to the stall manager just to get utensils, he took to Facebook to share his experience.

OP allegedly unable to get utensils as he ordered only wings and fries at Hougang western stall

According to the OP, he was unable to get utensils at Heng Heng Western Food in Hougang because he only ordered wings and fries. This was even though the food was freshly fried and hot, he said.

Source: Facebook

The OP stated that it was the first time he had experienced this, claiming the stall refused to provide utensils.

According to the OP, the staff’s logic is that they provide paper towels — which stick to the food — so customers don’t need utensils, or they could use their hands.

The staff was also apparently concerned about customers throwing the utensils away, although this was when they served paper plates.

Even though the OP said he wouldn’t throw the utensils away, the staff allegedly refused and asked him to call the manager’s number to request special consideration.

“Amazing service requiring their customer to make special requests to use utensils which they have available for western food,” the OP wrote.

Stall “seldom gets complaints”

The OP called the manager, who said they have been operating 40 years without giving utensils to customers who only purchase fries and wings.

He was sceptical that this was the case, however.

Then, they offered him a plastic fork.

“After telling her how ridiculous it is for me to have to go through such [an] extent to get utensils, she said she will look into it with the owner and that my case is rare as they seldom get complaints,” he wrote.

But the OP noted there were many negative reviews left by customers online.

He then compared this to prata stalls, which all provide utensils for customers even though prata is traditionally eaten using hands.

“Never in my life I asked for utensils and someone said that”

In reply to a comment on the post, the OP again expressed his shock.

Source: Facebook

“Never in my life I asked for utensils and someone said [cannot],” he wrote.

Others in the comments also noted that the stall’s standard has dropped, although it does not appear that anyone else has experienced being refused utensils for their order.

Checks on the stall’s Google reviews also did not yield other similar complaints, although it does hold a 1.7-star rating.

MS News has reached out to the stall for comment.

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