Household Electricity Bills To Drop By Roughly S$3/Month In S’pore From Oct 2019

Household Electricity Bills To Drop In The Next Quarter

Electrical bills, more often than not, take up a large percentage of our household expenses.

The burden was made heavier for families when the electrical tariff increased last quarter.


And if you’ve been feeling affected by the increase, here’s some good news for you.

According to CNA, electricity tariffs are set to decrease for the next quarter, which means that your household electrical bills will be slightly cheaper from October to December.

Household Electrical Bills To Drop By S$2.84 A Month

CNA reported on Monday (30 Sep) that electricity tariffs will decrease by about 3.3% (0.79 cents/kWh) from the previous quarter’s rates.

For households, the tariff will drop from the usual 24.22 cents to 23.43 cents/kWh.

In layman terms, this means that the electricity bill for a regular 4-room HDB flat will drop by S$2.84/month. This discount is excluding the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

For some context, here’s a bar chart of the quarterly household electricity tariff between the start of last year and the end of this year.


The estimated change in monthly electricity bill for each household type is calculated in the table below:


Families living in landed properties like terraces and bungalows will save up to $16.70/month for the rest of the year.

Imagine all the other household essentials you can spend that money on.

Lower cost of natural gas

SP Group explained that the reason behind the rise of tariffs last quarter was due to the increase in cost of natural gas.

But in this coming quarter, natural gas prices are lower, resulting in the decrease in electricity tariff.

Though the new rates are slightly higher than the March to June period this year, we’re sure many Singaporeans are more than happy with the fall in costs.

$3 per month may not be much to some, but that’s enough to treat yourself to a plate of chicken rice which will make a satisfying meal.

Feature image adapted from Dollars And Sense.

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