Monthly Electricity Bills In S’pore To Increase By At Least $2 From Jul 2019

Monthly Electricity Bills Will Increase Due To Higher Tariffs

Just as many of us are looking forward to receiving our GST vouchers, we’re hit by a new blow – monthly electricity bills are set to increase.

Singapore Power (SP) Group announced on Saturday (29 Jun) that electricity tariffs “will increase by an average of 6.4% or 1.43 cents/kWh” from September to July.


While the figures may seem small, they could mean tangible changes to many households.

Higher bills till September

The higher electricity tariffs are a result of “the higher cost of natural gas for electricity generation”.

From the chart, it appears that the charges for the coming quarter will be the highest in recent months.

How the increase will affect households is explained in the following table:


1-room HDB flats will experience an increase of at least $1.92/month in electricity bills, while 5-room flats will face a $6.05/month increase.

The percentage increase is standard across all types of homes.

The new prices will apply from 1 July to 30 September 2019, so prepare to either fork out a little more or reduce electrical usage to manage your finances.

Featured image from Jonathan Danker on Flickr.

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