IKEA Now Has Pet Furniture, So Doggos & Cats Have Comfy Spaces To Lepak At Home

IKEA Has Pet Furniture, Helps Create Cozy Home For Humans & Fur Friends

Most of us who own dogs or cats will want our pets to be as comfortable as possible in the house. After all, they spend most of their time at home.

IKEA now caters to more than just humans, as they’ve come up with a range of pet furniture with functional designs.

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Their Lurvig range of furniture even has cat beds that fit perfectly into book shelves. Now there’s an unexpected comfy nook your pets can snooze in.

IKEA pet furniture fits in nooks & crannies

As IKEA prioritises practicality in their designs, the pet furniture collection is no different.

An example is a cat home that fits into IKEA’s Kallax shelves, letting your cat to imagine itself perched in the trees, just like its wild cousins.

It’ll be available from Dec 2020 onwards.

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We may not recommend placing crockery under one of these shelves though. Your cat may be more mischievous than you think.

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Another cat house doubles as a stool, which you can place next to your couch.

It looks perfect for times when there are just too many people on the squeezing in.

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At $15.90, it’s pretty affordable as well. Now, the whole family can watch TV together without the cat hogging the couch.

Keeping our pets closer to us

IKEA seems to recognise that dogs may tend to be rowdier, so they created a simple yet comfy blanket so that your puppy is free to toss and roll around.

IKEA pet furniture 4Source

Looks like you may not have to worry about messy sheets anymore — not a guarantee though. You can cop it at $24.90.

However, we all know cats love boxes…

Box mazeSource

So IKEA has come up with a boxier cat bed for our feline friends.

Cat bedSource

This comes in slightly cheaper than the dog blanket at $22.90.

You can check the full range of furniture here.

Cozy spaces for fur friends

It seems that IKEA has put some thought into creating a cozy space for our fur friends at home, even injecting some functionality in them.

After all, our homes are theirs too. It wouldn’t hurt to make extra space for comfort in their lives, we’re sure your doggos and cats will appreciate it.

What do you think of IKEA’s pet furniture? Are you planning to cop one for your pet? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from IKEA.

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