Tampines BTO Transforms Into A Japanese Haven

All the time at home during ‘Circuit Breaker’ must have gotten you itching for a different view. The corners of your house probably look very boring by now.

Perhaps this couple’s Tampines Built-To-Order (BTO) flat can give you some inspiration.


Going for a retro, minimalist and largely Japanese look, the spacious flat makes for a cozy abode anyone would love to come home to.

A modern take on traditional Japanese homes

Even for the unfamiliar, the vision of a traditional Japanese home or Minka usually entails wood features all around.

But D5 Studio Image, who designed this Tampines BTO, found a way to incorporate that detail without overwhelming the flat with too much timber.

Keeping all the walls a clean white, they created a sense of vastness and light in the living room.


The light wood furnishings add a gentle touch to the inviting space, so you can unwind peacefully there after a hard day’s work.

The chill vibes continue into the bedroom, which has a similar elevated resting area for the bed, atop a wooden platform.


You can pretend you’re ascending to your bedroom on a different level, despite being in a typical HDB flat. How fun is that?

Sleek functional spaces

Over in the kitchen is where the wood furnishings flourish, appearing on the cabinets that go almost completely from the floor to the ceiling.


Now that really looks like a retro home. You can’t tell from this angle, but there’s a fridge behind the wall on the right, according to an interview between the homeowners and Qanvast. What an innovative way of keeping the house neat!

D5 Studio Image replicated the cabinets and white, square tiles in the bathroom, which also exudes an 80’s home charm.


The floor, however, is in a honeycomb pattern, which injects a slightly modern touch to the otherwise old-school design.

Get creative like the owners of this Tampines BTO

All in all, the Tampines flat looks simple and polished throughout, embodying a comforting space anyone would be proud to call home.

A lot of work and money went into making this couple’s dream home come true. A quick check on Qanvast shows that renovations for the 3-bedroom flat cost them a whopping $54,000.

If you’re keen on going for a similar look and need some professional advice, we’d suggest contacting D5 Studio Image, the masterminds behind this design.

After this trying Covid-19 period, we could all use a fresh start, so why not start with revamping our homes?

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Featured image adapted from D5 Studio Image.