This Lego HDB Design Is The Building Block Young Couples Need For Their First Home

This Lego HDB Design Is A Unique Way To Build A Dream Home

Legos were common playthings in many of our childhoods, as we used them to build structures following our wildest imaginations.

But local company Absolook Interior Design found a way to adapt them to adulthood, by coming up with this amazing Lego HDB theme.

Looking both sophisticated yet lively, the design finds the perfect balance between nostalgia and an investment for the future.

Vibrant colours accentuate a clean & modern layout

When you try to envision a Lego-inspired place, your first thought will likely go to the LEGOLAND theme park, which is essentially a haven for kids.

However, Absolook absolutely dismisses all childish notions and seamlessly incorporates Lego features into their design.

Just look at this fun kitchen screaming “COME IN” in bright yellow.

The warm colours go so well with the rustic wood surfaces and concrete effect wall to create a cozy space to prepare meals in.

Forget sharpening your skills during ‘Circuit Breaker’ — you’d probably be a MasterChef worthy contestant after spending a lot of time cooking in this kitchen.

The enthusiasm for food will spill over to your family or guests in the dining room, which you can peek into via the large opening in the wall separating the 2 areas.

While the hanging lights, comfy chairs and marble table give the aura of an atas café, the Lego table stands will make people feel right at home.

Work, rest & play in a childhood dreamland

Worried that the bold features may be a distraction? Don’t, because Absolook complements them nicely with more mellow furnishings that’ll make work and rest areas more zen.

Take this study room for example. The Lego-themed storage spaces are both cute and functional, so you can keep your work area neat while basking in the room’s delightful atmosphere.

After a long day of staring at the screen, you can knock off in the bedroom, which has somewhat of a funky, retro vibe. Even the wardrobe handles look like the Legoman’s head.

The master bedroom is an even grander affair, with Lego sideboards lining the bed’s platform, so you can sleep soundly atop your lofty stoop like true Kings and Queens of the house.

The bathroom is majestic too, with clean lines and groovy tiles that you can stare at for ages while doing your business.

Just don’t get too mesmerised till you end up hogging the toilet.

Lego HDB design one of many unique creations

This creative Lego look is only one of many that Absolook Interior Design has come up with.

If you’re keen on engaging their services, we suggest heading to their website for enquiries. Otherwise, you can visit their Facebook page to have a look at their other creations.

Couples looking to design their first home would appreciate such originality, and we’re glad there are great minds out there to make their dreams a reality.

So if you’re thinking of spicing up your space anytime soon, you know just where to go.

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All images courtesy of Absolook Interior Design.

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