This HDB McDonald’s Home Design Is For Fans Who Miss Dining In At The Golden Arches

This McDonald’s Home Design Perfect For HDB Apartments Is By FIF Singapore

McDonald’s Singapore recently reopened after close to a month’s absence.

Now that takeaways, online orders & drive-thrus are back again, many of us have been reunited with our McSpicy’s and McNuggets — but something may still be missing for the die-hard fans among us.

The actual experience of dining within the store that harkens back to our childhood Happy Meal outings.


A local furniture store dedicated to millennials – FIF Singapore – has come up with the perfect solution — an entire home design touting McDonald’s iconic decor, perfect for HDB-sized apartments.


We give you a virtual tour of the home that will be a great pitch to your loved ones, if you’re planning a post-Circuit Breaker apartment makeover.

Golden arches adorn the living room

An open-concept living room area widens up the space with McDonald’s signature ‘golden arches’ adorning a chic grey backdrop.


A row of 3 spotlights, vivid red, yellow and black ‘fidget-spinner’ shaped coffee tables & a mustard rug add quirkiness to the space as well.


We also love the use of nude coloured curtains and a neutral wood-panelled floor to complement the bright decor.

McDonald’s iconic children’s toilet

The attention to details are also pretty spot on — with the bright yellow door and a child’s scrawl of the toilet sign, against a bold red wall.


The TV area includes a geometric, angular stand with a different take on a ‘golden arch’ which is more rectangular — both are a feast for the eyes nonetheless, paired with an intricate bookshelf behind.

Open kitchen with fastfood booth & counter

Perhaps the most iconic part of strolling into a McDonald’s outlet is finding a seat at the counter while you wait for your order to be served.


We adore the green wall with coloured word art, “Bun, Beef, Gherkin, Lettuce, Sauce, Bun” — a signature design fans will recognise from stores.

The bright yellow barstools at the counter also add a pop of colour to a dining area that seats a max of 10 ‘customers’.


The open kitchen concept achieves a similar ‘pop-art’ effect, with cute McD milkshake pictures in frames.

All in all, an extremely tasteful way of showing our McD love while being a functionally achievable design within most 3-4 room HDB flats.

One McHome with extra curry sauce please

During the Circuit Breaker, we love that citizens are getting creative with their home makeover ideas.

We think FIF Singapore‘s attempt at spicing up the HDB apartment design scene is a clear winner in our books. You can follow them here on Facebook to check out more hyperlocal design ideas.

What do you think of the design? Would you consider a similar approach in your homes, if you’re a fastfood fan?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from FIF Singapore on Facebook.

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