Tharman Gives Burger King’s New Meatless ‘Impossible Whopper’ The Thumbs Up

Meatless ‘Impossible Whopper’ Tastes Like The Real Deal

You may have tried faux meat at least once in your life after hearing your friends say that it tastes like real meat.

Burger King tries to debunk this by releasing the ‘Impossible Whopper’ which promises to deliver the same experience as regular burgers.

Our Deputy Prime Minister – Mr Tharman – recently tried the ‘Impossible Whopper’ and actually finds it “very tasty” with the added benefit of fighting “global warming”.

Here is his full post.

‘Impossible Whopper’ tastes good

You may be wondering how good it must taste that even our DPM gives it a thumbs up.

Here are the ingredients based on the makers of the meat in ‘Impossible Whopper’ – Impossible Food – that make it taste like actual meat.

  • Heme (Made by fermentation for the colour)
  • Plant Protein (Wheat & Potato for the texture)
  • Fats (Coconut oil and Soy Beans for the taste)

Burger Kings says that even their own staff “struggle to differentiate” between the original burger and the modified meatless one.

Looks like a real burger patty to us

Fight global warming

More than just its taste, Mr Tharman claims that the burger will help combat global warming.

Based on the Impossible Food’s website, this is what happens every time you choose 1/4 pounds faux meat over real meat.

  • Saves water equivalent to a 10-minute shower
  • Reduces greenhouse gases produced by 18 miles of driving
  • Frees up 75 square feet of land used for livestock


We guess Mr Tharman was right when he said that it “fight(s) global warming” and “frees up a lot of land”.

Combats antibiotic resistance

Mr Tharman also wrote that changing from livestock to plant-based faux meat will help fight antibiotic resistance.


Here’s what came up from a quick google search.

The livestock we consume is fed antibiotics to be safe for human consumption. However, this creates a whole range of problems. One of them is antibiotic resistance.

When we consume these animals, we could slowly become antibiotic resistant as well. This causes us to be less treatable when we need antibiotics.

Promote more R&D

Mr Tharman concluded that this innovation is a step in the right direction and we definitely agree.

Hopefully, with Burger King’s new item, more fast food giants will jump on the bandwagon championing a more sustainable future.

But more importantly, please bring the Impossible Whopper to Singapore.

Featured image from PlantBasedNews.

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