Guy Uses Instant Noodles To Fix Sink, Table & Car Bumper In A Budget Way That’s So Asian

Instant Noodles Fixes Everything If You Do It Right

Has someone been smashing holes in your furniture again?

Whether it’s your sink, your toilet seat, or your favourite watermelon bowl, an Internet dude will show you how to mend that gaping hole with only a crisp block of instant noodles.

You’ll also need glue, a steel scrapper, some sandpaper and a can of spray paint.


Steps to becoming a fix-it guy

We’re not sure how the guy figured that instant noodles will do the job of filling those massive cracks. But on hindsight, you’ll realise that the noodles, in their hardened form, make a perfect material for that task.

Okay, step one. Break the block of noodles into smaller blocks and play jigsaw with the gap.

Once the noodles are in, start filling those protruding edges into packet food oblivion.


Next step, sand the filling to silky smooth perfection.


Finally, to make sure no one finds out why you’re buying so many packets of instant noodles but never eating any, layer a coat of paint over the filled gap.


There you go, good as new. And you saved enough on repairman cost to buy fifty more packets of instant noodles.


Flexible applications

This miracle method for fixing all things broken can be applied to almost anything — a table, kitchenware, wooden toy models and even deep scratches on cars.


The next time your friends tell you to cut back on the instant noodles, you can tell them that you’re just using it to fix some problems in life.

Featured image from Facebook.

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