Pioneer Provision Shop Sells Coke At $0.37 Per Can

With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, cold carbonated drinks are a necessity in every household.

But these sweetened beverages can be rather expensive at times, with some costing up to $2 per bottle. That’s comparable to a proper meal at a hawker centre.

If that’s something you’re constantly troubled by, we have good news.

Chap He Diam, a provision shop hidden in Pioneer has insanely cheap canned and bottled drinks, as well as other groceries like instant noodle and chocolates.


Here’s more of what you can expect, if you decide to take a snack pilgrimage to the West.

37¢ Coke & $1 Fanta Orange

As far as drinks are concerned, nothing complements simple hawker fare better than a cold can of Coke.

Here at Chap He Diam, members can bring home 24 cans of Coke for $8.95, equivalent to $0.37 per can!

$10.90 for non-members

That’s even cheaper than bottled water if you think about it! Or is it?

500ml of bottled water can be bought for just $0.13 per bottle.


We’re sorry for the tease, we really are.

Isotonic drinks are important for replenishing electrolytes, especially for athletes who are constantly sweating outdoors.

Here, members can get 300ml of 100 Plus for just $0.41 per can. Talk about a steal.

$10.90 for non-members

Those who often have friends or family members visiting their houses can opt for the larger 1.5-litre options instead, which are available at just $1 per bottle.


Maggi noodles from $1.50 per packet

Chap He Diam also has instant noodles at affordable prices, perfect for those who are too lazy to tabao meals from their neighbouring coffee shop.

Various flavours of Maggi instant noodles are sold here for $3 for 2 packets or $1.50 per pack


Otherwise, pick from an assortment of Taiwanese Kang Shi Fu instant noodle flavour, which go for $4.20 per pack.


Apollo Chocolate Wafers & Ferrero Rocher

The familiar taste of Apollo Chocolate Wafers instantly brings back fond childhood memories for many of us.

A bundle of 6 Apollo Wafer Cream packs at Cham He Diam goes for just $1, or $0.17 per wafer.


Seems like these wafers are immune to inflation huh?

But if you like your chocolates with nuts, Ferrero Rocher chocolates are sold at Chap He Diam at $9.90 per box, equivalent to $0.41 per piece.


Head on down for cheap groceries

With such great deals available, do remember to take a trip down the next time you’re planning on restocking on your groceries.

Do note that some of the prices above are exclusive to members, which you can register for free-of-charge at the Chup He Diam store.

Here are more details on how you can chiong there now.

Chap He Diam
Soon Lee Road #01-51A Singapore 628088
Opening hours: 10am-10.30pm, Mon-Sun
Nearest MRT:
Pioneer MRT Station

Guess we’ll see you there!

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