HR Exec in Malaysia Stunned By Intern Candidate Who Says She Doesn’t Like Learning

Intern Candidate Claims She Doesn’t Like Learning & Wants To Be Content Creator During Interview

An intern candidate recently left a human resources (HR) executive in Malaysia speechless, after the former reportedly replied in an interview that she does not like learning. She also apparently said she does not like thinking.

What she does reportedly like, however, is playing video games, and that she aspires to be a content creator someday.

intern candidate interview

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Intern candidate leaves HR executive unimpressed with half-hearted answers

In a Facebook post shared on 28 Jan, an HR executive named Mardiana Mat Ishak recounted an interesting job interview she had with a fresh high school graduate.

intern candidate interview

Source: Mardiana Mat Ishak on Facebook

Right off the bat, the intern candidate did not seem prepped for the interview as she reportedly responded with a single word or a sentence for every question that the interviewer asked.

Interspersing her recount of the incident with her own thoughts, Ms Mardiana said she initially felt empathetic as she imagined the candidate could be her child.

As she looked through the candidate’s exam results, she noticed that her scores consisted of Cs, Ds, Es, and Fs.

She then asked the young lady why she got these grades, to which the latter replied “I don’t like learning”.

While the candour caught her off guard, Ms Mardiana pressed on by asking why she did not like learning.

The candidate thought about it for a while before saying that she does not like to think, shocking the HR executive even further.

Candidate says she likes playing video games & wants to make videos

Next up, Ms Mardiana asked the candidate what she liked to do in her free time.

The young lady replied that she likes playing games, adding that the game she enjoys most allows her to experience playing outdoors.

Ms Mardiana then asked the girl what her career aspirations were.

Her reply: she would like to make videos and earn money as a YouTube or TikTok content creator.

Ms Mardiana said she then thought to herself: “Perhaps she may not be academically gifted, but well-versed in technology or social media.”

She asked to see the girl’s content, which turned out to be gaming-focused. She also observed that the girl’s followers were only in the dozens, despite having started her account in 2020.

HR executive decides not to hire intern candidate

Ms Mardiana went on to list activities that the candidate would have to do, and asked if she was okay with these tasks.

In keeping with the brutally honest nature of her past answers, the girl said she was not.

However, she changed her tune once she had the role explained to her in greater detail.

Ms Mardiana wondered in her post if it was because the candidate just realised she needed to secure an internship, and if it was her mother who had set up the interview in the first place.

Ultimately, however, she decided not to hire the girl, as she did not want to take a chance on managing someone who might wind up “causing her a headache”.

Seeing as this might be the last time she’d see her, Ms Mardiana left her with some parting advice out of sympathy.

Aside from urging her to think long and hard about her life, she also reminded her that she would be a wife and have children someday. Her life, she added, cannot revolve only around playing video games.

Ms Mardiana later clarified that her post was not meant to put down people who have gotten low grades. It’s not about the grades, she said, rather, “the important thing is always wanting to learn”.

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