ION Orchard Cleaner Under Hong Ye Group Is Unlinked Covid-19 Cases

Due to a number of Covid-19 cases at ION Orchard, the mall will close until 15 Jun for deep cleaning.

ION Orchard Closes After 3 Covid-19 Cases Link To It, Visitors Should Take Swab Test

In the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Covid-19 update on Saturday (12 Jun), a 45-year-old cleaner at ION Orchard was listed as one of the cases.

She has no reported symptoms and tested positive after her employer, Hong Ye Group sent her for a test on 11 Jun.

Yesterday’s case update also included 2 more cases in the MARINA ARIEL group.

9 community cases on 12 Jun include ION Orchard cleaner

There were 9 community cases, of which 5 are unlinked.

Case 64174 is a 45-year-old woman.

She is among yesterday’s unlinked cases and is employed under the Hong Ye Group, although preliminarily she has no links to other cases in that cluster.

She works at ION Orchard, where 3 other cases have caught Covid-19.


Her employer sent her for a test on 11 Jun and it returned positive the same day. Her serology test is pending.

Case 64159 is an 18-year-old, studies at SIM Global Education. She was last in school on 24 May and developed runny nose plus fever on 10 Jun.

The next day, she went to see a GP and had an antigen rapid test (ART) as well as swab test, upon which she was isolated when she had a positive ART result.

Case 64162 is a 27-year-old woman who works as a domestic helper. She had a fever on 10 Jun and went to a GP clinic the next day.

Similar to Case 64159, she was isolated when she received a positive ART result and her swab test returned positive too.

Other unlinked cases include Case 64169 is a 57-year-old who works at Jurong Port Pte Ltd as a land rigger and Case 64183, a 68-year-old landscape gardener at Amozonia Landscape Pte Ltd.

2 more cases in MARINA ARIEL cluster

MOH also announced 2 more cases included in the MARINA ARIEL cluster:

Case 64180 is a 40-year-old engineer on board MARINA ARIEL. He had a cough since 1 Jun and a fever on 10 Jun but didn’t seek medical attention.

He was placed on quarantine as he’s a workplace contact of Case 64149, a 38-year-old sea crew on the same tugboat. The same day, he reported his symptoms and was brought to hospital to get tested.

MOH said he hadn’t disembarked from the vessel.

Case 64181 is a 38-year-old sea crew on MARINA ARIEL. He had a fever on 1 Jun and a cough on 9 Jun, but didn’t seek medical attention.

Similar to Case 64180, he was placed on quarantine on 11 Jun and got tested at a hospital the same day.

Both cases tested positive on 12 Jun.

2 other linked cases are included in MOH’s update.

Seek medical attention if feeling unwell

Although restrictions will be slightly eased from tomorrow (14 Jun) onwards, this is a reminder that unlinked cases still exist in the community.

Definitely seek medical at the first sign of symptoms such as cough, fever, or runny nose, as new variants of concern are apparently spreading more easily.

Testing is being made easier too, so getting tested at the earliest opportunity is advised.

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