iShopChangi Has 50% Off Wines & Sakes, For That Night In With Good Food & Drink

Few things light up a social gathering or posh dinner like a good bottle of wine. For those feeling a sashimi buffet, however, sake would be much better suited for the occasion.

Thankfully, DFS at iShopChangi has both wine and sake at 50% discount on their website until 31 Mar, and their smashing deals will ensure you have the perfect complement to whatever dish you’re having.*

Not only is the deal duty-free, meaning you pay no GST, the discounts will also ensure a lightness on your wallet.

*Please drink responsibly. MS News takes no responsibility for any alcohol poisoning resulting from binge-drinking.

Selected wines and sakes at 50% discount

For those on a budget, here are some greatly-priced wines. Any seasoned fan will know that even cheaply-priced wine can be as good as any, so there’s no shame in getting a $25 bottle.

The Grand Bateau Rouge is one such value-priced bottle at S$25 (U.P $35.22).


Boasting a structured and balanced finish, this is one that newer fans can get into.

If you’re into carbonated or sweeter wines, iShopChangi has them too.

The Brass Tacks California Moscato at S$19.50 (U.P S$48.53) is one which should prove popular with those who prefer sweetness in their liquor.


The Brass Tacks range is also going for similar discounts — look out for their Merlot at $19.50 (U.P S$49.19) if you’re whipping up a medium rare steak for an upcoming dinner party.


Sashimi and sake go together like hand and glove. So does the Takacho Daiginjo at S$25.50 (U.P $62.49), which’ll provide a nice touch to your salmon.


Free delivery with $250 spend

With free delivery if you spend S$250, there’s no better time than now to stock up your wine cellar.

The deal is only available until Tuesday (31 Mar) – while stocks last – so get your wallet out and plan a night in with friends or loved ones.

All deals can be found here.

Happy shopping!

Featured image adapted from mynewsdesk and Rosemount Estate.