Bubble Tea Shop In Jay Chou’s MV Gets Ridiculous Queues, Scalpers Raise Drink Prices To Over $50

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Jay Chou’s MV For New Song “Shuo Hao Bu Ku” Features BBT Shop Machi Machi

Getting featured in a celebrity’s music video is perhaps the best form of marketing out there — especially so if it’s a feature tied to the MV’s story.

One bubble tea shop in Shanghai called Machi Machi enjoyed this preternatural publicity boost, after appearing Jay Chou’s latest MV.


The shop’s opening day on Thursday (26 Sep) saw queues long enough to challenge those of Shake Shack at Jewel.

Malaysian newspaper Sin Chew also reported that the store had limited each customer to just one cup due to the high demand.

And because there were a limited number of cups, scalpers swooped in like vultures. They reportedly resold cups for 300RMB (S$58) and would charge 50RMB (S$10) for a picture with a drink in hand.

Jay Chou’s MV about a girl working at Machi Machi

Jay Chou’s latest song which translates roughly to “Won’t Cry“, portrays a girl working for the bubble tea shop Machi Machi.

On her way to deliver bubble tea to a photography studio, she meets a boy. When they meet again at the BBT shop, they start to fall in love.


They go out for a few dates, but unfortunately, he has to leave to study somewhere else.


Of course, they are both upset that they have to separate, but there’s a twist at the end which we won’t spoil.

Machi Machi gains fame from Jay Chou’s MV

While many other places were featured, Machi Machi took home the grand prize of astronomical visits.

We’re not sure how good the BBT actually is, but just sometimes, if there’s a story told around it and it hovers in your mind as your slurp and swallow, a regular drink could just taste like the finest wine from Valhalla.

Also, maybe the next time you’re thinking of advertising something, perhaps the best way is to promote your product is to feature it in a popular artiste’s music video. Add an interesting story line, and your product is bound to get instant attention.

Featured images from Sin Chew and YouTube.

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