Johor Man Hears Trapped Doggo Crying For Help, Braves Knee-Deep Flood Waters To Save It

Brave Man In Johor Walks Through Muddy Waters To Save Trapped Doggo

Everyday brave acts out of kindness happen all around the world but are seldom recorded for people to appreciate the gesture.

However, this brave act by a man to save a dog from drowning did not go unnoticed.


In a Facebook video, a Malaysian man by the name of Bojod Azmi can be seen braving through knee-level flood waters in Kluang, Johor to save a poor dog that was leashed to a pillar.

Mr Azmi told Malaysian Chinese daily China Press on 16 Dec that he was observing the flood situation with his friends when he suddenly heard a dog barking for help.

You can watch the video here.

Brave man in Johor saw doggo trapped in flood waters

In the video, Mr Azmi is seen carefully making his way through flood waters that were up to his knees after seeing the leashed dog.


While the man was making his move, the dog can be heard whining pitifully, as if it was calling out for help.


When the man approached the dog, he seemed to have slowed down his movements.

This may be a sign that he was trying to calm the dog down.


Doggo gladly follows man back to safety

After a few seconds, the man finally reached the dog, who was jumping with joy as his hero slowly untied the leash.

A voice saying “dog has been rescued” in Malay can be heard in the background.


The 2 new friends then slowly and carefully made their way back to safety.

One man in the background praised the cute doggo for its amazing swimming abilities.


After powering through deep waters, the duo finally emerged on dry land and the doggo shook its body to dry itself.


Mr Azmi said he fed the dog bread and water once he got it to safety.

Netizens praise kind Johor man for saving doggo in flood

After the video went viral, netizens took to the comments section to praise Mr Azmi for his heroic actions.

Some say that he is “the man” for saving the dog and thanked him.



While others say that he has earned their respect and did a great job to save the dog.


Kudos to Mr Azmi for his bravery

The saying “not all heroes wear capes” have been proven to be true again with Mr Azmi’s kind deed.

We hope to see more of such heartwarming stories, so that we can give credit to those who go out of their way to help another in need.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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