First Half Of July Likely To Be Warm In S’pore, Temperatures Could Reach 35°C

Warm & Dry Weather Expected In Singapore In First Half Of July 2022

After enjoying a rather cooling and stormy end to the month of June, the time seems to have come for us to hang up our umbrellas. July looks set to be a rather warm month, so you might want to plan your outfits accordingly.

In an advisory today (1 Jul), the National Environment Agency (NEA) forecasted that there’ll be more warm and drier days this month compared to the last.

The warmth could even last into the night, so get ready to crank up your AC.

First half of July to have more warm & dry days

If you’re the outdoorsy type who had to put your rugged adventures on hold in June due to the unfavourable weather, July might be the month for you.

NEA has predicted that “fair and warm conditions” will usher us into the month, which means that you won’t have to worry about the skies suddenly opening up and raining on your parade.

Daily temperatures in the first half of July could reach up to 33 or 34°C on most days, even reaching 35°C on a few days.

Source: Bernard Tey on Flickr

Your regular doses of kopi or teh might not be enough to get you through the day — such heat calls for a huge bottle of ice-cold water or whatever cooling beverage you  prefer to keep you hydrated.

On warmer nights, temperatures could reach 28°C, which may still be bearable if you let your fan blow at high speeds.

Thundery showers on some days

Before you start sighing and griping about the heat, not all days will be that bad.

Apparently, thundery showers could still fall islandwide on one or two days, possibly extending into the evening. Keeping a smol umbrella handy in your bag might still be wise just in case.

Occasional gusty winds might blow on some mornings too, so don’t be too shook if you wake up feeling a little cold or start shivering slightly after your shower.

Take the chance to enjoy more time outdoors

The coolness of end-June may have left you comfortably snuggling most of your days away as you stayed home and cancelled most of your plans.

But now that the days are set to be sunnier, try calling some old friends for a much-needed mid-year catch-up.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor adventure or just a lepak sesh at a kopitiam, some time outside could do you some good and offer relief from your daily stresses.

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Featured image adapted from Bo Nielsen on Flickr.

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