Ka Laundry Capsule Tubs Hold Mystery Keys, Your Next FairPrice Haul May Lead To A Free Car

Ka Laundry Capsule Tubs May Contain The Key To A Free Car

There are 2 keys many Singaporeans strive for in life. The first’s for their BTO flat, another for a car to call their own.

Instead of refreshing your bank balance to see if you’ve saved enough, try searching the unlikeliest of places — your laundry detergent tub.

From 15 Oct, 1,000 Ka 3in1 52-packs at FairPrice will contain mystery Ka Keys and a note about an exciting car hunt. Embark on the quest, and you might find yourself face-to-bumper with a Lexus UX200 Executive.


Here’s a peek into what you may be in for if you happen to chance upon a key.

1,000 Ka Keys hidden in Ka Laundry Capsule tubs

Sticking to a strict to-buy list as thrifty adults now means the only excitement we have is that bottle of supermarket wine or spicy noodles which guarantee an hour-long toilet occupation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, if you add Ka Laundry Capsule tubs to your list.

Dig a little deeper beneath the 52 capsules, and you may be one out of a lucky 1,000 consumers to chance upon a Ka Key.

Repeat that phrase to yourself a few times, and think about what it vaguely sounds like.

If your first instinct is “car key”, you’ve won yourself a pat on the back, as that’s precisely what the key will eventually lead you to.

But like the elusive toys many Singaporeans queue up and eat countless fast food meals for, getting your hands on the chosen one may require some effort.

Try your luck at physical & online FairPrice stores

Grocery trips with the fam may be a huge affair especially when there are heavy items to lug back home.

Tell mum to prepare her trusty red market trolley for the upcoming one, if you intend to replenish your laundry supplies.

Plan your FairPrice trip between 15 and 28 Oct, and you can get any 2 tubs for $38.90 (U.P. $59.80).

The multiple tubs of Ka Laundry Capsules you’ll end up buying may weigh the trolley down a little, so make sure to help mum navigate the bumpy paths home safely.

If your fam lacks manpower to carry your loot home, there’s always the FairPrice website for you to get all the household essentials online.


Good thing about online shopping is, you won’t have to feel the weight of your bags straining your delicate fingers. So you can order as many as you want to up your chances of finding a Ka Key.

Follow the social media trail to find the hidden car

A tub with the Ka Key inside will contain a tell-tale sign — a piece of paper with specific instructions on what to do next.

Hang on to the leaflet like it’s the last bag of chips on the shelf, as it could be the key you need to proceed.

Turn over to the flip side and follow the steps there closely to find the location of the mystery car. You may also scan the QR code to learn more about the contest, if you need further information.

Ka will be relocating the mystery car every 48 hours, so keep a close eye on their social media platforms to avoid wandering aimlessly like a new driver without a GPS.

Find the mystery car & trigger it with your Ka Key

Staunch romantics, however, don’t need a GPS to know that finding the key to someone’s heart takes several tries and a bit of luck.

Likewise, Ka Key holders will need to commit to the hunt to locate the mystery car.

Once you’ve found the car, check to see that your Ka Key is functioning, indicated by a distinctive, red LED light.

Point it at the mystery car and press the button to trigger the vehicle, which will then trigger the car with instructions for the winner to follow.

The Ka team will confirm that you’ve found the car, and declare you the winner of a brand new Lexus UX200 Executive.

Other Ka Key holders need not be sad, as they can exchange their Ka keys for a Ka gift pack worth over $100 at the end of the event. More details will be available on Ka’s Facebook and Instagram.

Stock up on laundry detergent & drive home in a new ride

Pushing your shopping trolleys home or carrying plastic bags full of household necessities may sound like a regular errand.

But add a Ka Laundry Capsule tub to the mix, and your clothes may not be the only things going for a spin.

If you’re lucky enough to hold the Ka Key that triggers the car, a brand new Lexus could be yours, so you can ferry your mum to and from her grocery trips.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with WhealthFields Lohmann (S).

Featured image by MS News & adapted from CarBuzz.

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