Kim Lim Is A Single Mum, But Valiantly Continues To Work On Beauty Enterprises

Kim Lim Announces Divorce In Interview, Father Still Takes Care Of Son

Kim Lim is probably best known for being the daughter of billionaire Peter Lim, but when she got married and had a baby in 2017, the father’s identity became a large mystery.

This news wasn’t made public until very recently, when Ms Lim revealed in an Icon Singapore interview that the couple had filed for divorce.

She also revealed that they’d been living apart since last year, and that he’d quietly accepted the divorce.

Kim Lim met BK Kho in a temple

The story goes that Ms Lim met Kho BK, otherwise known as Kho Bin Kai, at a temple in Thailand.


She was apparently attracted to him at first sight, as well as his bad boy vibes.

After a year and a half of dating, they got married in a low-key ceremony in 2016, that we didn’t know about until Ms Lim gave birth to Kyden in Jul 2017.

Even Cristiano Ronaldo came down to Singapore to visit, and rumours spread far and wide as to the father’s identity.

Meanwhile, Kho lived quietly away from the limelight and according to a Jan 2019 interview, didn’t have an Instagram account until he met Ms Lim.

Grew apart and separated

At some point in 2019, the couple started living separately.

Ms Lim in particular felt that their love had become a habit without a spark, and eventually, they got a divorce this year.

She said it was better to not force an unhappy marriage.

However, she calls Kho “a very good (father)” and they attended Ms Lim’s stepmother Cherie Lim’s charity events, and also their son’s birthday.


Last year, it was reported that Kho was arrested for assisting in remote online gambling services, and is currently out on bail.

Started up 2 businesses

While Ms Lim is known as an influencer, she also became the business owner of 2 aesthetic health clinics, Papilla Haircare and Illumia Therapeutics.


She works 6 days a week, only getting rest on Sundays when the clinics are closed.

Clearly, she doesn’t seem to be letting the divorce get in the way of her career or her son.

The clinics are apparently not under the Thomson Medical group that her father owns.

This is because Ms Lim says she wanted to strike out on her own.

Being a mother isn’t an easy job

Some may point out that having a billionaire as a dad makes things like starting a business easier, but being a mother isn’t an easy job.

And for that, we have to commend Ms Lim for soldiering on as the mother to Kyden.


A mother’s love is the most powerful in the world, after all.

We wish Ms Lim the best in her endeavours.

Featured image adapted from Young Parents.

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