Getaholic Has Kirby Dome Pillow For Convenient & Comfortable Power Naps In The Office

Kirby is a well-loved Nintendo character that can easily melt our hearts with his stubby smol hands and oval-shaped eyes. While his plushie version is unbelievably adorable, we’ve found a convenient version that can energise you too.

Getaholic, a Malaysian-based online store, has Kirby dome pillows that let you take a 15-minute power nap inside Kirby’s comfortable mouth.

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Perhaps this will give you the power-up you need to perform better in the office.

Kirby dome pillow lets you take office naps

Kirby fans will know that this character has a really wide mouth that can suck up lots of air. While he has helped dedicated players win battles, it seems that his massive mouth can function as an ultra-soft pillow too.

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Every now and then, we all need a break from stressful tasks at work. If you’re the type who sleeps better in a dark and quiet space, then you can conveniently rest your entire head inside Kirby’s mouth.

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His cute face will keep you motivated

When you’re not sleeping inside this charming pillow, you can simply leave it beside your laptop or PC.


Perhaps his innocent and cheerful demeanor will keep you motivated when work gets tough.


Just don’t let your thoughts wander to your boss scolding you for your incompetence. Then the image of Kirby with his mouth agape won’t be as cute anymore.

Available for purchase online

This adorable Kirby dome pillow is available online from Getaholic at S$53.76 each. As they also ship to Singapore, you can easily get it delivered to your doorstep.


Once you have the adorable plushie in your home, you can look forward to more productive power naps to get you through unbearably long days.

Get better naps with Kirby pillow

To get the most out of your break time, try getting your own Kirby pillow for restful naps even when the Sun is up.

Hopefully, Kirby will let you recharge in comfort so you won’t feel groggy for the rest of the afternoon.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.