This Pikachu Centipede Is A Long Body Pillow That Will Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

This Pikachu Centipede From Lazada Is A Long Body Pillow

Most of us who grew up with Pokémon are bound to own at least one of their adorable plushies.

Smol plushies often leave us craving for a life-size version that we can cuddle with, and we’ve recently discovered new merchandise that could finally make your wish come true.

Our beloved Pikachu has evolved into a centipede that could match or even surpass your current height.


They’re super cute, and we think Pokémon fans will definitely catch ‘em all.

Pikachu centipede resembles Onix

Pikachu recently evolved into a bug-type Pokémon that resembles an Onix.


The long plushie can extend from 85 cm to 1.4 metres long.


Wrap the cute Pikachu plushie around your neck and you’ve got a soft and fluffy neck pillow. Now you can fully relax when riding a plane or taking long bus rides.


This one-of-a-kind plushie can replace your pillows too. We imagine sleeping with this fictional character will give you the beauty sleep you deserve.


Pikachu body pillow can be used for rest

As we grow taller, our Pokémon plushies can end up too smol for our liking. While we want life-size plushies, we don’t want them to take too much space in the bed.


Luckily for us, while the Pikachu centipede is a long body pillow, it’s as chubby as Snorlax. Some versions are as tall as a standard pillow but they can also span as long as our height.


Anyone who enjoys cuddling a body pillow can put their arms and legs around it for a restful slumber.


Pikachu centipede available on Lazada & Aliexpress

The Pikachu plushie is available on Lazada Singapore from $103.70 here.


Another option is Aliexpress, where you can get it from $28.57 to $122.50, depending on the size.


Never enough Pokémon body pillows

Fans afraid of creepy crawlies might be disturbed by this Pikachu ‘evolution’. But if you find this transformation cute, collect this lumpy evolution in all sizes.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter and Aliexpress

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