S’pore Shop Sells ‘Kosong’ Pineapple Tarts For Those Who Only Like Eating The Crust

Singapore Shop Sells Pineapple Tarts Without Pineapple Filling For Those Who Only Like The Crust

Pineapple tarts, as its name suggests, is a festive pastry with pineapple filling typically enjoyed during Chinese New Year.


While these golden pastries are a treat for pineapple lovers, they are less so for those who dread eating the fruit. If you’re one of those who fall in this category, here are some good news.

BoTart SG, a Singapore company run by 3 friends, has kosong pineapple tarts which are basically your typical CNY snack, but without the pineapple jam filling.


Created by 3 Singapore friends who dislike pineapple fillings

The concept of having a pineapple-less pineapple tart started with 3 Singaporean friends who absolutely disliked eating the fillings in traditional pineapple tarts.


The trio told CNA Lifestyle that they grew up eating only the buttery crust of pineapple tarts and would always remove the filling, wrap it in tissue and throw it away.


Determined to end their ‘misery’, the 3 ended up ordering pineapple-less pineapple tarts to secretly eat at home — under a duvet with a flashlight.

Their passion for these tarts inspired them to create their very own kosong pineapple tarts — now selling under their shop BoTart SG.


Pineapple-less tarts & pineapple-glazed tarts

BoTart SG currently has 2 types of pineapple tarts:

  1. Pineapple-less tarts
  2. Pineapple-glazed tarts

These 2 pastries are kosong, meaning they contain no pineapple fillings at all.


If you prefer a siu dai version, opt for the pineapple glazed tarts, which are thinly glazed with a layer of pineapple jam, adding a hint of sweetness amidst the buttery pastry.


This is perfect for people who dislike the thick gooey filling but still want a hint of pineapple with your tart.

Book your tarts through Facebook or Instagram

The pineapple-less tarts costs $16.80/bottle and the pineapple-glazed tarts costs $18.80/bottle.


Those interested can order the pineapple tarts through BoTart SG’s Facebook or Instagram page.


If you’re planning on ordering these tarts in time for CNY, we advise doing it ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Finally don’t need to paiseh anymore

With this innovate pastry, pineapple-haters will no longer have to feel paiseh removing the pineapple filling from the tart.


Kudos to the founders at BoTart SG for this ingenious culinary invention!

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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